Video Game W33d References

The search bar is still busted but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is already a thread here and if notI got plenty here’s just one. Canon is epic but edits are welcome also. Maybe put a star on it if it’s canon so we all know.

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there's a really well-written, and genuinely romantic/funny sequence towards the beginning of The Last of Us Part II in which Ellie and her friend stumble upon a huge stash of weed.



Lol yeah he did

Maybe not _weed_ but those Fuzzies are definitely some kinda stuff

Here's something a lot worse than weed…

There‘s an NPC called “Weird Kid” in Torneko Taloon’s Adventure for Super Famicom and he talks about experiments with a weed he found in the dungeon that makes him feel good or something when he ingests the weed… This is a bounty someone go find him

The time on this clock in Fallout New Vegas.

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oh I thought this thread was going to be:

Chronic the Hedgehog
The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Grass
The Legend of Zelda Link's Abakening
The Legend of Zelda Smokarina of Time
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Weed
Smokey Bong Bluntry

anyway I think one of the potions in exile for pc engine is weed but I can't find a picture!

reminds me of when I saw these shirts lol

Tony hawk games had several

@SuperEffective#27222 adding these to my spreadsheet in case I ever get around to finishing my video game clock project.

don't have a reference, but pardner and i got stoned and played some neo turf masters to celebrate the waldoses. good times.

possibly weed reference among the trophies for the new nier game.

This thread is fun and all, but we have to remember…


For the record, I don't think drugs are bad, but I do think the anti-drug rhetoric of the 90s is hilarious.

i don’t have a game reference, but a friend of mine got an early birthday gift yesterday


HMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm I think they took it one joke too far with that one

the ring looks like a condom

but the glass-blown sonic spinball is SICK

you can press C to smoke a cigarette and if you take mushrooms you can no-clip in Sludge Life but neither of those are the devils lettuce unfortunately