WELCOME. Insert credit forums live again.

Well! Look at that, forums. Why would we make forums, you might ask? Well, mostly because I wanted them. I missed the days where you could just browse a place once or twice per day and see something neat and not have to worry about it too much. I also sort of miss the ability to have discussions about stuff or learn about new things without having to scour twitter.

I want to be able to have longer form conversations about video games and not worry about character limits, image limits, or whether people will "get" it.

I'm hopeful this will be a nice place for other people who feel the same way. It looks quite different, but I wanted to be able to look at it on a phone, upload photos directly, and a bunch of other fancy stuff, so this is what we came up with (thanks to necrosoft programmer Shane). The visuals will evolve as we go along.

I'll mention two more things: a bit about what you can do, and a vague code of conduct.

What you can do:
**big note:** we're gonna try to use "tags" to put discussions in specific places. that's basically like forum subheds - you see them on the left there, from the main page. things like "general," "share," "video games" etc. Try to use them, but honestly I imagine it's just gonna all become "general" because it's not so clear? Let's try and let's see.

You can upload photos from whatever device, and it won't cost us bandwidth becauuuuse it automatically makes and embeds an imgur link! how about that! You can't upload video or audio clips, but if you link them they'll auto-embed which is cool. You can also split conversations, if you want. And if you find the window you're typing in is too small, you can resize it! And other stuff! Let's figure it out together. Ask questions in this thread!

Please start new threads! Please experiment! Please have a fun time!

Code of conduct:
Don't be a jerk is the main one. No tolerance for people being mean in here. That means no misogyny, no transphobia, no racism, no homophobia, no fascists. I or mods will ban whoever is being a jerk and that's pretty much just what's gonna happen this time around. I'm not gonna mess around with any of that!

Overall let's just have a cool time and talk about sega and nec and sony but NOT nintendo heh heh. Maybe nintendo sometimes.

Also if you like, you can introduce yourself here!! https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/8-a-thread-in-which-to-introduce-oneself/160