What is the axe? A brief forum history lesson.

One of our new community members asked “what is up with the axe and how do I use it?” I started typing and then realized the reply should be part of our public record!

“Fine, it’s the axe” is a very old (20+ years) in-joke for a community member who is no longer active. On the old forums, a thread would get banished to “the axe” and would get auto-deleted after a set period of time. The expression, “Fine, it’s the axe” was said with resignation by the author of a thread that didn’t really go anywhere or catch traction with the community, or was out of character.

Today, people use that category for goofier stuff, and sometimes we’ve been using it to hold limited-time events that get auto-deleted.

Let’s hear the community’s ideas for other cool uses for this thread category.


what about a thread for sick guitar solos called “fine, it’s the axe :guitar: