What roms you have in your pocket? (Phone emulators)

Phone emulators are good again! (I know they always were).

Not trying to make this iOS vs Android, I’m happy on iOS but the one thing I always missed was having a GBA emulator always available. Now with new apple rules, you can

With this new/old ability I’m thinking.
What ROMS you have on your pocket right now? or recomend having.

On my phone I played pokemons, metroids, zeldas but now has been a while.
Downloaded Advance Wars (that was really enjoying on switch) and NFS Underground for GBA just to hear it ROAR.


I’m playing MaBoShi (DS version) and even went so far as to create a game specific skin for the Delta emulator.

  • combines both screens into one
  • normal portrait iPhone orientation
  • leaves a gap at the top for notch/dynamic island
  • nice big d-pad in the centre of the display
  • most of the screen is actually a button
  • instructions in landscape orientation
  • let’s aim for 1 MILLION points!


love that it comes with a skin!

Also never had a DS so maybe I should explore that library

The skin is because the game normally requires the DS to be held 90-degrees.
And it’s a one button game so it only needs the d-pad.
Perfect fit for iPhone as the whole screen is a button so lack of physical controls is not an issue.

…you never had a DS!?! Wow, you have some good times coming up.
Obviously, if you like some DS games the absolute best experience is on a DSlite or DSi XL.

Was just reading that on your blog, good solve.

Every year I get to the time when I look for a used 3ds and then move on. It hasn’t happen this year so… (money is tight tho)

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Whilst 3DS can play DS games, it’s not a great experience as you either have to settle for “full screen & blurry” or “tiny screen & pixel perfect”.

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didn’t know that! (stats googling used dses)

The only ROM I currently have on my phone is Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation. I don’t really understand the story but I like the vibes, and it’s fun to do tactics that mostly just involve cute/cool anime robots shooting at each other. It’s good in short bursts as well.

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that was what I’m looking for.

Reminds me of SD Gundam Dimension War on the virtualboy* (only and probably worst gundam game I played)

*not an actual virtualboy, a quest2 emulator

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Pizza Boy GBC Pro is great if you want to emulate Game Boy Camera on your phone. You can even “print” to .jpg.

RetroArch can be good, but takes some setting up. Good if you’ve got an actual controller to use with it.

I don’t have that many roms on my phone as it’s not the most comfortable thing I’ve got to play games on.


I’ve found that it’s easier for me to stick with visual novels on my phone than on any sort of console – I recently played through Kamaitachi no Yoru, Chunsoft’s seminal SNES visual novel, on ma phon.

Since, I’ve tried a few PS1 visual novels on console, but slid off fairly quickly… Perhaps I should try putting ʼem on my phone.


never played a snes visual novel (or that many visual novels actually) but this sound like a good idea.

Anything that you recommend? (enjoyed famicom detective club on switch)

hate retroarch, how can I trust someone that thought replicating the worst UI of a console ever was a good idea?

(I know it’s good, I just like to exaggerate a bit)

Agreed. The UI is trash. Especially on phone.

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I’m trying out Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, unsure how I feel about touch screen buttons so I figure a game controlled primarily with touch screen is the way to go.

Delta is generous with touch controls, you can start within the touch screen box and onto the UI and it’s fine.

There’s some slowdown during cutscenes and it probably eats my battery faster then a game boy game would, it’s just a bit of fun and will encourage lapsed gamers to replay Pokémon again, happy for the option to exist.

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I always switch to the Ozone or the old Rui user interface. It’s still crap big at least it’s not XMB

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I don’t love the RetroArch interface, but I haven’t found many other front ends with the sheer amount of options for video output shaders. I’ll push through RetroArch purely for the sweet sweet CRT shaders.

I’m so excited for PS1 and PSP emulators to hit iPhone. Anything prior to PS1 I play on an Analogue Pocket but I’m imagining the high resolution screen of an iPhone combined with CRT/PSP LCD screen shaders and very keen for it.

Delta has given my Backbone One a new lease on life, let me tell you.


there are way too many better ways to play advance wars on your tv BUT…

PS1: As a part of the “use all your devices interconnected as the same time” gang, I appreciate this.

PS2: Also in my samsung tv this is almost unplayable but the legend says it may work on other setups.

PS3: Nintendo released a technology to play advance wars on the go and on the tv, which I already own I can say is good.


PS4: Thay poor guy is defending the xbox from crazy cats. Your vent holes do nothing when you’re laying on the floor disconnected.

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