What should I name my truck?

4 years later, I’ve been living in here, I’m ready to name it. Since I’ve achieved my goal of using a PC and playing retro games, I am going to name it after games that also can function in a motor vehicle context double entendres or sounds funny as a name for a rusty old van that doesn’t move often. Feel free to drop suggestions.

This is a sequel to a poll I made on starmen dot net in 2007 where I asked what my real life middle name should be because I didn’t have one. ~(We went with thunderbeard. ~(in 2007 I still was barely able to grow a moustache))

And of course portablized home console names are appropriate

Some good names for automobiles in here… I almost chose 3 times and now I feel I should wait and percolate on it. Gonna be fun once it's done!

… How is your truck not Truckfroggy?

Game Gear.

(Out of the above my knee-jerk reaction is Mega Drive)

  • - Crazy Taxi
  • - Alex Kidd in Vehicle World
  • - Excite Truck
  • - New Super Trucky’s Tale
  • - Gas Guzzle Bobble
  • - Bombervan (maybe not that one)
  • - Castle-van-yeah
  • - The Frog for whom the Horn Honks
  • (voted Mega Drive)

    van turismo

    truck heck?

    So far I think Turbo Express and Mega Drive are funniest for having my rust bucket sound like a powerful locomotive machine.

    Sega Nomad has been leading the polls elsewhere, I’m hesitant on that one for numerous reasons, mostly it hits the nail on the head too much? And I’m not really that nomadic if I’m staying in the same parking spot for 4 years, lol.

    @“treefroggy”#p94501 I went with turbo express for this reason. Also “time to board the ole turbo express” sounds pretty funny to me.

    wonderswan has the grace of a swan and the wonder of wonder.

    @“treefroggy”#p94501 I though about it and if anything you yourself are the Sega Nomad.

    @“connrrr”#p94508 not to be egotistical but I, myself, am the truckfroggy

    @“treefroggy”#p94509 fair!

    I think it’d be funny to name a truck Jaguar

    I went with Mega Drive as it seemed best for a truck.

    Nomad would be a good van or RV. Turbo Express for a sports car.

    @“Fuck Trevor”#p94523 or jaguar cd

    @“hellomrkearns”#p94540 that’s why it’s funnier to name it the latter two!

    I’m leaning towards turbo express. Instagram poll was predictable, huge number of votes for nomad which I am definitely not gonna name it. Turbo express & mega drive second. Then there was a single anomalous vote for sg-1000 which I respect.

    If I was inebriated , I would probably remember to call it Turbo Express first

    Also NEC decals would be funny

    But I like that mega drive is in the lead. It’s certainly the console I’ve played most.
    And I get a “mega drive” feeling when I parallel park my boat with no power steering

    Btw I have no power steering. It’s like driving a one ton bicycle. I do warm ups before driving so I dont hurt myself. That said I’m pretty good at driving with no power steering ever since I started lifting weights.
    I don’t intend to have the power steering repaired.