what's the Vulfpeck of video games?

@“Gaagaagiins”#p42905 we should always look to the example of actually existing socialism. what did they do? talk? yes, but talking alone isn't enough. dance.



@“pasquinelli”#p42841 i’m sure there’s some italian marxist whose written extensively about this very topic, but if i’m honest i don’t like reading that much.

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i feel like the hardest part of trying to determine if a piece of art is transgressive is defining context. things can absolutely be boundary pushing if you are comparing it to other works within a narrow art-historical lense, but does that make it transgressive within our economic system? does our economy siphon otherwise transgressive energy and thought into the packaging and consumption of art - where the bottom line of the artist is simply: make enough money . . . to keep making art.