~whisper room

~today ~i ~saw ~a ~guy ~with ~hair ~exactly ~like ~1987 ~Ozzy ~Osbourne ~but ~he ~was ~also ~wearing ~a ~business ~suit

[size=10]i am going to bed now bye[/size]

[size=15]SNOOOOORK mimimimimimi[/size]

[size=0]~i ~didn’t ~post ~my ~3ds ~stats ~in ~the ~other ~thread ~because ~it ~turns ~out ~i ~didn’t ~play ~it ~very ~much[/size]

[size=1]psst don’t tell anyone, but I was at the office extra late last nite not because of work but because I was attending a virtual archaeology lecture by a certain appliance-shaped IC forumgoer

[size=4]I went for a trail run this morning with my watch set to record a regular run.[/size]

[size=0] i have zero comprehension of how yeso‘s forum game rules work, but I’m looking forward to observing the chaos from the sidelines

[size=4]I had to go to the text formatting thread to figure out how to do this and it took me longer than my fragile ego would like to admit[/size]

[size=0]the other day I was utterly convinced I bugged out my SMTIV save because nearly all of the music (including the beloved overworld track) had been replaced with this high-tempo music that made me kinda anxious. I entered and exited nearly every menu and location I could find and even reverted to an older save, sacrificing a not insignificant amount of progress, all to no avail. I searched for known bugs every way I knew how and was baffled that no one else had experienced this game-ruining glitch. I was seriously weighing my options of continuing on and missing out on all of the wonderful OST I hadn‘t yet experienced versus starting over from scratch when I decided to just put the game aside, sullen. I couldn’t let it go, though, and even considered posing this quandary to our wonderful forum, when I figured I might as well at least find out what the name of this confounded ear-virus was. I clicked through the OST on youtube and eventually landed on the track in question: “Challenge Quest alpha.” Hmm. On a whim, I went into the quest menu and left the challenge quest I was currently pursuing, only to find my ears again awash in the familiar sounds of Tokyo. Turns out that this occurs by design while engaged in a quest…

So, yeah, that happened to me. I sure hope no one heard this…

[size=10]sometimes (all the time) i worry simultaneously about how much and how little time i spend playing video games

@“captain”#p58596 [size=4] we said almost the same thing at the same time, but I shouted it and you whispered it. I don‘t know if this means we’re doomed to be mortal enemies or best friends. both make me nervous

coming in here for a while because my ears hurt after being in the shouting room for too long. i will go back to the shouting room later

[size=9]i‘m getting married this summer. i am supposed to be giving myself a break today from thinking about wedding planning, after thinking about it exclusively for the last week and destroying my brain. but i’m still thinking about it a litte bit… not too much

[size=4]one time at work someone complained that their emails looked like “a bunch of ants walking across the screen”. I went and checked it out and the font was at size 4 [/size]

[size=4]last night i saw a bumper sticker that read covid 19 = bernie madoff. the more i think about it, the less i understand what they're trying to say.[/size]

~i ~want ~to ~just ~post ~in ~the ~3DS ~thread ~every ~five ~seconds ~because ~of ~how ~excited ~I ~am ~to ~have ~revived ~my ~library ~from ~the ~ether ~but ~I'~ve ~already ~posted ~too ~much ~in ~there

~most ~NES ~games ~are ~horrible ~and ~even ~the ~good ~ones ~arent ~that ~good dude

[size=0]I liked Becker

[size=1]I always have to remind myself that the MVS was the arcade Neo Geo and the AES was the home console Neo Geo.[/size]

[size=3]to everyone that was interested:

Don‘t worry I’m still planning on reviving the insert credit art jams, last week was just not the best for me and I didn't have a lot of time/energy, look forward for the insert credit art jams 2.0, and look forward to march 1st[/size]

@“kory”#p59045 ~I ~have ~very ~little ~interest ~in ~Becker ~except ~that ~it ~is ~referenced ~to ~excellent ~effect ~in ~Bojack ~Horseman ~and ~also ~Ted ~Danson ~is ~ok