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@“AbandonedRocketship”#p153527 [size=1]every like you get on this post gives you +100 posting power points


[size=9] a meter is charging. my strength is returning. thank you for your assistance in this endeavor[/size]

[size=10](whispering in the whisper room cause I don‘t want to Start Any Shit, people in general can get real weird about this topic)

A while ago, there was some brief talk about hot sauces. Both Tapatio and Cholula were mentioned as favourites – and I’d never had either before so I thought I‘d grab a bottle of each to give them a try. I’ve now finished both bottles and think I can say (whisper) :

I do not like Tapatio. It is mostly flavourless, all I get from it is a sharp pepper extract style heat.

I love a hot sauce, I'd never tried either of these because I always have a few bottles of locally made small brand sauces around and had never really given a thought to any of these multinational behemoth brands. I love a hot hot sauce. Tapatio was, to my taste and preferences, just a bit boring.

Cholula was nice, I might grab another bottle.[/size]

[size=7]We got rid of our office today at work and I'm a bit sad. It was a long drawn out process and took a lot out of me. [/size]

^(I never interpret “wyd” as flirty. It‘s like the least sexy acronym, and so when people text it to me, I’m usually just like “oh just taking out the garbage, what about you?” and then realize an hour after not hearing from them that they weren't actually asking what I was doing at the moment.)


@“treefroggy”#p155712 ^(Drinking a coffee in bed while playing FF7R on my phone and listening to the rain fall outside my window. :relieved: Actually quite cozy and far more romantic than any sext could ever hope to be.)


[size=10]they weren’t actually asking what I was doing at the moment.



^(> @“captain”#p155721) ^(?!?!?!)

^(i think! I mean.. i'm just trying to read the subtext)

I've seen wyd used flirtatiously but I thought it was coming from a one-dimensional man who is only ever trying to get sex when he asks wyd

[size=10]My partners pixel screen broke and she got an iphone and I was helping her set everything up and I just viscerally hate this device. I use a mac everyday, it's fine. The new macbook air is an awesome laptop. I have an ipad pro. But this phone? I hate it. I do not like how it looks, or how it feels, or the sounds it makes, or the things it does. Throw it in the trash. [/size]

[size=10]Why is everyone saying “cooking” for the last two weeks?[/size]

@“DaveedNoo”#p155999 [size=8] Can you use it in a (whispered) sentence? Haven't seen this

[size=10]here are 4 out of context lines all from different people in the last day or two.

dont ask questions just let him cook

he is cooking nothing i love him

Okay but they were kinda cooking

hang on lemme cook[/size]

^(^(cooking is slang for when people conjure up schemes or do silly little things))

^(^(it could be that we are 46 days away from the 254th anniversary of Captain Cook discovering Australia, and Cook-mania is sweeping the world.))

[Size=10]I understand the slang. I'm just seeing it everywhere now overnight.

[size=10]@“DaveedNoo”#p156053 it's probably all from kids. slang has a wider reach now thanks to the internet and kids are in the middle of developing their vocabulary.[/size]

@“connrrr”#p156054 [size=9]so what you're saying is that we should just wait a second and let these kids cook?[/size]

@“DaveedNoo”#p155999 ^(i‘m a bit out of touch for being gen z, but i’ve heard people use “cooking” in that context for at least half a year now, which means they've probably been saying it for longer)