Wife: Worried (50%)

@tapevulture#21196 I do not recall this and would be eternally grateful if anyone could point me to where I can hear it

@kory#21200 dang it i can't remember :frowning:



Not sure how much this helps, but was this the bit where Brandon was talking about Denis' name tag, and how the uppercase D's was written in such a way where the left bar of it was a little elongated so the letter looked more like a P?

This must have been at least 2 months ago... :\ that's all I know about it though.

Princess Maker is the king queen of estimating the inexpressible:


(It makes for a more interesting sim when compared to games like Tokimeki or Monster Rancher, because the end result varies wildly depending on these weird stats. In SLG games, your numbers just influence whether you get a particular partner or not; the monsters on your farm just do well in battle or don't, and then die.)

I put off clicking on this thread because I had convinced myself it was going to be about how your wife was diagnosed with cancer or some other terminal disease, so I wanted to emotionally prepare myself. But instead: video games!

Anyway, every game that features romance is guilty of this, but I think the best example is the harvest moon series, where you woo girls by giving them an apple pie, pearl necklace, or bottle of wine everyday for multiple months until the hidden numbers get big enough and they marry you.


lol sorry about the title

@bodydouble#21229 that is one SENSTV princess

@SuperEffective#21227 oh, yes, this sounds familiar now! Maybe @exodus can weigh in fill in some more details lol

the "secret, perfect" middle ground


My wife has declared to me many times that she doesn’t go in for games with “too much menu management” so I showed her Civ 6 for fun and she proclaimed it “the Cheesecake Factory of video games”

she’s funny

she doesn’t listen to the show btw so she didn’t even steal that joke from the episode a couple months back! That’s what I would have done!

@tombo#21306 I also like “FELONY”


Wife-like: (50%)

Sexy: (50%)

@kory#21310 First, how did you find out about my rapping?

Next, how "Tricky" is everyone today?


i'm super uber


@kory#21318 you ever try to give someone a perfectly nice compliment and have it backfire big time?