Wife: Worried (50%)

in this thread post examples of videogames quantifying the unquantifiable, enumerating the unnumeratable, gamifying the non-gameable stuff of real life

Good examples and bad and funny examples welcome. They're probably going to be mostly stupid but that's fine


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Love to rank up my relationship with the neighborhood fox

lol thanks I love this bullshit

STRESS 100.0%


I've been playing VA-11 HALL-A and every day you have a message when you wake up about something you can buy.


I was pretty diligent about making small self-care purchases until a ||spoiler|| happens and I wasn't able to do so. The in-game mechanic is that a client tells you "Hey, make me a Gut Punch!", then you go into the bar tending menu. If you aren't distracted, the player character will think something along the lines of "soandso wants a Gut Punch", but if you're distracted the player character will think "it's so cold in my apartment, I hope my cat is OK" and you'll need to remember the order.

Meanwhile, my "Stealth" in _Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup_ is five plus signs.


@Syzygy#21056 it‘s like I’m lookin in a mirror!

(what game?)

@SuperEffective#21083 Hey, she‘s got a licence, I figure she knows what she’s talking about

Human leather pants +2

My friend Goblin died

@SuperEffective#21083 ?? he looks fine to me


@antillese#21071 VA-11 HALL-A

it appears you have found an elusive "smart" example




david cage's awful indigo/fahrenheit game has that ludicrous depression meter that posits the only possible outcome of getting too depressed is game over by suicide


@bodydouble#21185 as long as we are on the subject of meters brought to us by game creators with something of a…reputation, I suppose the sanity meter from Dennis Dyack's Eternal Darkness deserves a mention


@kory#21188 this game blew my mind when I played it. Which I think says something about my taste at that time.

holy crap why is this game so expensive! I played it in college on, presumably, someone else’s copy. I definitely don’t own it.

@CidNight#21189 Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely clever and innovative! I wish I had experienced it myself without prior knowledge instead of just knowing it via reputation…and from following Dyack's very public and very tumultuous late career burnout.

@kory#21193 ok now thinking of brandon's “Penis Dyack” story from several episodes back