Show Me Satans

I just realized that occurrence of the word “Satan” in video games for some reason always makes me laugh. Post Satans.

This cannot just be a demon it must be the Fallen Star of Morning, Satan, who is the Devil. Bonus points for screenshots with the word in it.


I can picture a super deformed, chibi Satan / devil that‘s also super hench but for the life of me can’t remember where I‘ve seen it. It’s from a 2D art game that I think was made in the West but if anyone could enlighten me that would be fantastic!

One of the Binding of Isaac characters perhaps. I don’t play it but IIRC one has little devil wings

Speaking of:

Puyo Puyo has a very good Satan


Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22


Kind of amazed by the ubiquitous use of “TM” after every licensed character name!


Screen taken from a mod that replaces “Dark Prince” with the JP region name:


… I would like to say that this game is not trying to exert an evil influence over me, but I can't be sure

The fella in question:

Satan turns out to be the surprise final boss of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, played by Jason Isaacs.

In Lords of Shadow 2, Satan returns to exact vengeance upon Gabriel Belmont/Dracula, and it is clear that he has spent the centuries between games just getting absolutely jacked

It reminded me of this [Clickhole video]( about the little boy who saw Jesus during a near-death experience

@GigaSlime#31676 Damn that Satan really is jacked! I guess it makes sense.

I was going to contribute Ultimate Battle 22 Mr. Satan but then I saw @kory had beaten me to the punch.

Technically Damien, son of Satan and his unnamed husband. From Monster Prom.

my joseimuke card-collecting gacha of choice, _Obey Me!: One Master to Rule Them All!_, is about seven demon brothers who each represent a cardinal sin. Satan, the fourth-born and my absolute favorite, is the avatar of wrath.


also, their eldest brother is named Lucifer! he and Satan have a prickly relationship for Reasons.

I‘m not sure if it counts, given that he’s called Lucifel and not Satan, but I feel that El Shaddai being heavily based on the Book of Watchers warrants Lucifel‘s inclusion. Besides, he’s easily one of the hottest versions of Satan video games have had to offer. Seriously, look at this early 2010s Japanese action game-ass character.

A boss from Lisa: The Painful RPG


@Geoff#31755 ah hell, now I‘m gettin’ scrolled offscreen!

Sorry just one more although her flip attitude doesn't really match with the otherworldly blank eyes