Ep. 151 - Sex Zelda

Special guest Jonathan Kim joins the crew to cover what really matters: recognizing Columns as an essential work. Opening and closing theme created by Kurt Feldman. Opening and closing theme created by Kurt Feldman.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. Sell me a PS5 (4:23)
  • 2. Whats The Deal with game names, Jerry? (9:22)
  • 3. Sega’s neglected canon (15:27)
  • 4. Best aesthetics in worst games (21:12)
  • 5. Ideal fighting game cameos ( 26:47)
  • 6. Patreon Supporter Sam asks: How did Japan’s game industry recover? (33:15)
  • 7. Scott Pilgrim’s nostalgia timeshifted ten years later (40:54)
  • 8. Insert Credit as Majora’s Mask NPCs ( 45:14)
  • 9. Non-hellish game employers (50:53)
  • 10. The Raid 2 of video games ( 54:01)
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: This or That (57:52)

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    If I had to make a pact with a video game demon, I would pick Satan from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. In the first Lords of Shadow, he had this relatively lithe, kind of bishounen fallen angel type design, but after getting viciously curb-stomped by Gabriel Belmont/Dracula at the end of that game, he apparently spent the hundreds of years-interim between games just getting JACKED


    The implied visual of Satan angrily benchpressing huge weights for hundreds of years in preparation for his rematch with Dracula will NEVER not be hilarious to me. And hey, it's exactly the kind of focus and dedication I would want in a demonic collaborator!

    It's a me!


    Ring Fit is Castlevania canon.

    Is anyone else having trouble downloading this episode?

    @neurotech#6550 yeah, i'm also having problems downloading/streaming this episode in the podcast app i use. other episodes work fine though

    for anyone who can't get the new episode to play, archive.org worked for me

    @zodiko#6553 Much appreciated my guy!

    @zodiko#6553 You’re a real human bean and a real hero

    Hmm, we're going to look into this!

    Should be fixed now. But you'll need to figure out how to refresh your feed! Which depends on the app you use! (The player above works correctly now as well.)

    @shane#6562 working for me! Thanks!

    Shout out to all the other dirtbags.

    Yeah, that Perry Mason HBO series is pretty sweet (and made me re-watch some of the 1985 TV movies, Perry Mason Returns).

    _Sega's Neglected Canon:_

    Burning Rangers and Ristar! For god sake. Ristar pops up at least in things like All-Star Racing Transformed, and I guess Burning Rangers pops up occasionally with music popping up in some things, but I don't think we ever got a Ristar Sega Ages (that would have been hot on the 3D Sega Ages lineup on the 3DS), and outside of hearing the Burning Rangers theme on things, that is nowhere to be seen on anything past the Saturn.

    Also Clockwork Knight.

    _Majora's Mask NPC's:_

    You would definitely have to go on a ghost/cryptid hunt with me using the Pictograph Box. Take photos of places known for having ghost sightings, or take a photo of whatever the Zelda equivalent of a Tsuchinoko would be. The mask would look like the Flatwoods Monster-like ghosts in the Romani Ranch cow abduction mission and allow you to detect more locations to get ghost pictures for rupees.

    Thanks mate, downloading for me now.

    @Syzygy Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh I‘m trying to get hold of all those myself. Right now I’m on the hunt for Quantum Theory, which absolutely nobody wants, is worth no money, and yet never shows up in any store anywhere. I'll probably have to get it on ebay.


    but you're not getting rid of it are you!?

    Ah, it‘s okay! If you’re at all interested in keeping it you should, it'll turn up somewhere eventually (or I can get it for $15 on ebay or whatever!)

    I‘ve been trying to figure out what The Raid 2 of video games is and I think i’ve landed on Arkham City because of the difference in scope and appeal between the original and the sequel.

    I was thinking Chrono Cross is like The Raid 2 to Radical Dreamers The Raid.

    (Sparked by the latest [Snexploration Squad](https://shoutengine.com/SuperNintendoExplorationSquad/) podcast)