Would You Participate In A Weekly Art Jam?

@exodus#22066 lol don't worry you confer video game performance art on us all every Monday

@jaws#22113 while you're waiting you should revive the dumb thread i made awhile back lol

No promises as to frequency of participation but I am interested in being part of this in some non-drawing form.


You ever seen this wicked display?


@SuperEffective#22124 what else have I been missing out on?

sounds like a lot of interest, i‘m excited! i’ve already seen people here make rad stuff. :3

how formalized of a structure are we thinking? who'll provide the prompts? what deadlines work for people (if at all)?

not to jump the gun or anything, i'm just jazzed up. i'm already doodlin' over here


The best answer I can say is Semi-Formal.

The way I imagine it is to make a new thread every week, or month. It would depend on the volume of posts per thread.. I'm thinking per month would make sense for now. I think it's a good idea to keep the previous threads relatively consolidated in case someone wants to post a work in there and didn't get a chance to share it within the weekly time frame. We'll see how it goes!

As for who will decide the prompts, I honestly can't decide on the best way to do this. Initially, I figured I'd just make one up every week and wait until the end of the Art Jam to take suggestions for the one for week, and the most popular suggestion can be the one for next week. @exodus mentioned being interested in helping with prompts and I think its necessary to have a diverse topic nomination process. Another Idea I had was to base the prompts on something the gang has discussed during the most recent episode.

For Deadlines, I don't think it's best to be super strict about it, and I also want to keep the ideas fresh and revolving, which is why I was tinkering in my head about the best way to manage the threads. I'm open to suggestions with this. I think making a Weekly thread would work ok, aside from the potential of it potentially being a bit much and clogging up the forum. A monthly thread could work by simply editing the week's topic into the opening post. There may even be some sort of way to consolidate all the art in a neat way.

That's all I could think of since I saw your post. I think just going for it and making changes along the way would be cool too. As long as everyone's having a good time participating and things aren't too hectic, I think this project can work out fine, and I'm excited to see how this whole thing goes.

my 2 cents: maybe an open-ended weekly “what have you been working on this week” would be a good way to get started. Would be low-pressure and inclusive of everyone's pace and project-scope. And then you could spin out some more solid prompts and targets from there

The prompts are what would interest me! I usually make things on my own terms, so I'd like to try working to a brief.

oblique strategies?



Yeah! You know I think this could be a good standing strategy as to not alienate anyone who just wants to share what the heck they're making.
I think having a prompt as an option along with a "just post what you're making this week" would work out. Maybe I can just make a little google forms thing and we can all put our ideas in it to pick from.

I think a generalist “what are you working on lately” thread and a thread about responding to a prompt should absolutely be two differnt threads, but that's just me. I dont think it will alienate anyone to have those two things separated.

when do we want to start this? this weekend? monday?

I vote for Sunday, though I can really do whenever

I think Sunday to Sunday works for me.

Sunday sounds good!