Would You Participate In A Weekly Art Jam?

Hi everyone!

I notice that the fine folks in this forum like games, so I had a little idea to organize a weekly Art Jam in which anyone interested could participate in. The idea is for us to pick a new topic each week to make some art about. The topic could be chosen by committee, or whatever. It really doesn't matter how we pick our weekly topics as long as we have a prompt that everyones happy to do!

This is not necessarily a contest, but more like a weekly digital gallery show. To participate, you can draw, sculpt, crochet, cosplay, animate, write a Haiku, make a sick beat, heck, why not make a cake even!
We could pick topics like "Video Game Monkey," or even "That's One Bad Mama." If it gets us making/sharing art, it's cool with me and if this exercise is gettin you excited to DRAW & SHARE, I can start our first thread sometime after our poll closes and we can get Jammin! What say you?

PS - If you have any ideas to contribute to our Jam, please share - Let's get funky!
PSS - You DON'T have to participate every week - just whenever you want :P

I would absolutely do this, but possibly not every week as often I just wouldn't have time.

Yes but would personally not have spare time to divert from what I’m working on to a particular theme or prompt

I would be so down!

I’m in!

this sounds fun!! i used to draw allllll the time as a little kid, and grabbed an iPad and Apple Pencil for cheap during quarantine to pick it back up, after doing a couple watercolors out of boredom. i‘m Extremely Amateur but it’d be nice to have motivation to sketch stuff out!

chiming in to say, yeah, i too would do this (at least occasionally)

I cannot draw, so I will say that my contribution will most likely be in the ‘sick beats’ category (on the weeks I don't make a cake).

I also dont draw but might try to find a way to contribute some sort of other thing on a week where the prompt spoke to me.

we can do (very very small) games, right? this is a games forum after all. i might follow @TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee's lead and do some pico-8 stuff


that would rule! Most games are basically just tons of drawings goin' really fast anyways.

What a wonderful idea! Will proudly offer up my scribbles

I love this plan! I'm excited to be a part of it!

i‘m into it! think i’ll also give pico-8 a go.

Drawing consumes too much mental energy since I find it difficult but I could help with prompts or something


Let's get funky!

I think this is a great idea! I‘m in the same boat as @Moon, though I can endeavor to contribute relevant art in some way. Perhaps interpretive photography…or maybe I’ll finally figure out how to use Blender. Either way, I would love to see everyone else's talents on display!

i would try but probably couldn't participate every week!

I would love this, I could throw some blender models or texture maps and things!

this is the wild poetry prompt challenge I have been needing. so down to create with y'all.