Xbox museum

Microsoft has put up an xbox museum where you can see a bunch of history stuff, but most excitingly for me a fun “decades in review” thing where you can see your most played games, achievements, etc.

Similar to the [Switch thread]( from a while back, let's share some of our interesting findings! So for me, I've only ever logged in to XBL on the 360, which skews my results a bit, but it's still fun to look at.
Here, you can see how much I really did play Xbox Live Indie Games. I suspect they're all lumped together as "community game" but I played a heck bunch of these. I'm a little disappointed with Lost Planet 2 taking the top spot for 2021 because that's clearly some sort of a glitch - I played 15 hours or so of ridge racer 6 this year, and maybe an hour of lost planet 2. weird!! and it is absolutely not one of my top 5 played games, because that hour I played this year was probably the most I played it. maybe my 360 didn't turn off at some point and left it idling for a few or something. Makes my results a little less interesting, but there it is.

gamerscore throughout the years - this one's only interesting because I lost access to my account in 2013 and regained it in 2020 - and again, this is entirely on the 360, ha ha.

How about your own selves!?

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uh, lol. I guess teenage me was the exact archetypical Canadian Xbox player. I played NHL 11 for many years because the subsequent games just got worse and worse.

There's not tracking for original Xbox, I pretty much missed 360 era, but these stats make sense for my experience of the XBO. I like that for two years my most played game was one in development. Shout outs to the summer I got so sick that I could barely do anything but sit in a chair in the dark and 100% Burnout Paradise Remastered. Good timesssss….

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Some good choices on my alt account as well

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Cynical me knows that these events are designed to drive engagement and logins, but the other part of me knows that they are a clever use of Big Data and fun.

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I bought my 360 to play _Halo 3_, and I'm really unsure why I did that, but I sure did play a lot of it. I think I allllllmost made Captain? I remember getting rank 29 (out of 50) and just never winning promotion matches. 😭

As anyone who has seen me post in the fighting games thread knows, I played a **ton** of ArcSys games. If you combined _Persona 4 Arena_, and _P4AU_ into a single title, that would certainly beat the amount of time I spent playing the _BlazBlue_ series.

The 360 is also the first console I started buying arcade sticks for and I've had a number of them over the years. I still use several of them to this day.

Also noteworthy on the timeline is the time in 2019 I plugged in the 360 to play _Sonic CD_ with my son. (I am a good dad.)

Dark horse award goes to the meta-data for representing _Soul Calibur 4_ as _Soul Calibur 0_ though.

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My dang dad took up a spot on my lists by playing so much Civilization Revolution

Lol at the heading/body font switching on the rare achievements list

Oh, I‘ll go get my avatar in a bit! It’s fun to see fighting vipers and sonic cd in anybody's top played lists for the year, good job everyone.

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The only real surprise here for me was Lumines...this isn't even my first (or second!) most played version of this game (which would be the Switch and PSP releases, in some order). Fallout 3 was revelatory to me, so that certainly makes sense. I know that New Vegas and probably 1 and 2 are objectively better games, but I just got completely absorbed into that world and could spend hours just picking a random direction and walking straight. The ME trilogy was also instrumental in reigniting my interesting in gaming. I was kind of late to the party (I played the original game years after it came out), but I devoured those three games ravenously.

It's a little funny seeing MH World on there, as, like Lumines, it is *also* the distant third-most played version of that game. I put quite a bit of time into building up a character on XBL with the intention of finally playing online with some buddies (who were Xbox only) but that never even ended up happening lol. Instead, I just enjoyed chronicling the exploits of Leora, the youngest of the three hunter siblings in my headcanon (her sisters, of course, being Leona on the PS4 and Leonora on PC).

It's a shame that my OG xbox is not recorded on here, but I suppose I just never went on-line with it. It was a super late-gen purchase for me, and I'm pretty sure the only games I put much time into were Halo 2 and KOTOR.

The 360 was a really important console to me and was something of a springboard for getting back into gaming, though as I moved on to the PC and the PS4 (and eventually the Switch), my time in XBL land dwindled, and its definitely reflected here. I have supreme respect for what Microsoft is doing (backward compatibility, game pass, top of the line hardware), but I think I'm ok admiring from afar for now. It's hard for me to imagine what kind of killer app would compel me to purchase a Series X any time soon (honestly, the backward compatibility stuff is probably the most likely).

The only surprise for me is that somehow Borderlands 2 made it in to this list. I do not remember playing it that much - I played the campaign with one character and that's it. I thought my playthrough of Lost Odyssey would have been longer than my time in Borderlands 2, at least!

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Disappointingly the museum told me I needed to “Play more Xbox games” to get my stats :((((

Seems like I might not have been online a whole lot when I played my XB and XB360.

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Everything about this surprises me. Does anyone know what seven zeroes is supposed to be?

The very first thing I did was get myself stuck inside the central achievement trophy

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Wild that they actually have collision on anything in here.

I think some of their stats are a wee bit broken, though the first played game/first multiplayer game are accurate!
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Side note: That Tennis game never made it to backwards compatibility for the Series S|X, and I'm still a little sad about that.

Further evidence of broken stats:

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I'm pretty sure I've never even *booted* Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. I don't know if I even *owned* that game.

Switching browsers made the data more or less accurate for me. FFXII was being displayed as Call of Duty Black Ops in Firefox and I couldn't see my most played per year.

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In 2014 I started a new xbox account for reasons I don't recall: therefore all Xbox remembers of me is that I spent the subsequent spring break alone in my apartment drinking soylent (the true gamer fuel) and sitting on the couch playing dragon age 2 literally every day and then, wisely, did not play another videogame until I bought a series x this year. [upl-image-preview url=//]

Embarrassed that I spent so much time playing Hades this year. It's not very good! Dragon Age 2 is, however, the best Dragon Age.