Year end wrap-up for psn

Similar to the switch thread, let's talk about our psn year in review things! You can find yours here:

Unfortunately despite playing way more hours on ps4 than switch the data is a fair bit less interesting, because they only tell you your top 3, and for me that was just a bunch of yakuzas. But here it is anyway!


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If they'd done a top 10 you could see which other yakuza games I played in 2020 (lol). If I were to guess my next games it'd be:

  • - yakuza 3 remastered
  • - rise of the tomb raider
  • - FFXV
  • and then some other stuff

    Also I found it interesting how little I play on wednesdays! kind of makes sense since I have my weekly necrosoft team meeting AND the insert credit recording both on thursday, so I guess I don't want to get too into stuff the night before.

    I've been playing GTA & RDR online with a friend during the quarantine. GTA online is only good when you have a private server. If not, it’s highly irritating.

    wow!!! You are the first person I‘ve seen with no yakuza games in their lineup. I didn’t think it was possible

    Aw dang, mine is kinda boring. The Show is my go-to podcast/other passive media game. Still snuck a Yakuza game in there though!

    I leave netflix running on my PS3 pretty much every night and in years past it's counted as my top game, so that's inflating the total hour count quite a bit. Also I play games on Mondays a lot? Apparently?

    Unfortunately these lists will all be boring because it‘s only the top 3 most played, which just means either long games or “live” or online games. But they’re still kind of fun anyway!?

    I‘ve never booted a Yakuza game so I’m an outlier on these forums…


    I ended up buying _Streets of Rage 4_ on Steam too to play with a buddy, so it's probably above _Dead Cells_.


    This is **quite** surprising to me because I have been playing _Heroes of the Storm_ with a regular group on Sunday nights for literally years. Thursday/Friday/Saturday make sense to me though.

    i think this is pretty representative of my playstation usage the last few years. the show, a couple exclusives i stop halfway through, and maybe some online coop thing. that's my total dq11 play time. didn't realize i played it so little. i had some yakuza 0 time on the pc for sure!

    @exodus#15671 I played a lot of kiwami in 2019. Wanted to finish it before I jumped into the rest. They are sitting on my shelf waiting to be played but the on rails shooting bit in kiwami frustrated the heck out of me.

    I, uh, mostly played my Switch, DS, and emulators on the Vita this year lol


    The funny thing here is that Cold Steel 3 took me like 120 hours to finish so the majority of the playtime wasn't even this year...but it was still enough to take The Top Honors.


    Tuesday is Gamer's Night


    Gravity Rush Remastered platinum trophy really coming in clutch to round this out.

    none of you are playing yakuza!!! who are you people

    maybe you all played them already, that's got to be it

    I donno why but I find this kinda funny lol


    also Yakuza, meh, who wants to play that game?!?!


    ahh crap, I guess I do. lol

    nah, it's probably totally true!!! anyone who managed to get through all the remakes in 2019 is a beast though

    @exodus#15740 I absolutely went bananas on Kiwami and ESPECIALLY Kiwami 2 in 2019. I wish you could see that year's stats still because I bet it was my #2.

    I’m waiting to get a PS5 to play Y7, Ys IX and probably some other of these late PS4 games :>

    Yeah…needless to say 2020 was not a big PS4 year for me…

    Now that's an interesting list!

    Dang it, I just get this:


    Looks like we had a problem finding some of your data.


    PLAYSTATION 2020 Wrap-Up is only available in select locations. Users must also be 18 years or older, have opted in to device data collection and have more than 10 gameplay hours on PS4 in 2020.

    Maybe it doesn't work in Australia?
    Or maybe I opted out of some of the data stuff ages ago.

    @exodus#15759 Ha, yeah my gf and I spent a whole night going through my catalogue of fun couch multiplayer games, hence #2 and #3. She fenced in college, so of course we had to get in some Nidhogg…I was so happy to hear those Daedalus tracks again. After this we fired up Puzzle Fighter on XBLA and I got completely wrecked

    I actually just got a PS4 last year and I didn‘t play it a super-ton. I tend to be at least a generation behind with games. I’ll try to play more this year! Not going to be getting to any PS4 Yakuza though; I‘m going to be starting the series with the original on PS2 because that’s how I do things.

    I want to know how I ended up with so many hours! Maybe it counts watching Crunchyroll as gameplay or could it be including Vita time?
    Mondays are a day off for me and I usually see my girlfriend Saturday/Sunday, so this makes sense!

    People, I don't feel so good…


    Very cliché list, I know. Sadly, my BluRay disc doesn't work so good and I didn't end up playing as much as I could, so if there was a top-10 at least the list would be a tad more interesting but oh well...

    Man, 2020 sure felt long. I sure played a lot of Spelunky 2 without beating it, huh?

    Also all my Yakuza time has been on PC, potentially skewing these numbers.

    I use my PS4 as my primary YouTube device, so I feel like those gameplay hours are definitely not accurate.