You think my Meiji Curls Guy Contains Lead?

Until more recently than you’d imagine, lead paint on many things like toys and even common dishware like cups and plates in the United States contained amounts of toxic lead, which, let’s be real, 0 molecules of lead belong in your body or things which contact your body. Vintage Orange and reds typically have quite a bit of lead.

I don’t know where the regulations overseas are at.

I got this in Japan and now I use it every day to hold my gba.

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He’s got some orange wearing off there. Think it’s lead?

Not part of the poll but I’d bet the red paint on this, which is mostly chipped off, contains lead:
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Date is ‘76, definitely lead.

Last, also not a part of the poll, I have this Mario stein that definitely contains lead. Metal Cap Mario? More like Lead cap Mario 🙄
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~(he died of lead poisoning shortly after this photo was taken)

So do you think my Meiji Carlu guy contains lead?
This could be in the thrift thread but I think you can only make a poll with a new thread.

Anyways, does Japan still use lead? Meiji curls mascot is pretty old, but I imagine wrist straps didn’t become much of a trend until flip phones became popular in Japan. I also don’t know exactly when that started. I’m just tryin not to drop my beautiful stock oem minty glacier gameboy advance, in style

Anyone here know about japans regulations on lead paint or phone straps

well i found this informative Notice Concerning Paint Containing Lead Notice and Request from the Japan Paint Manufacturers Association, which points out that “In Japan, the use of lead-containing paints for toys is prohibited by law,” but doesn't say when that law went into effect.

here's the [English version](, which goes into less depth, but says "Special use such, where lead is inevitable to secure life and national safety, it's difficult to forecast the schedule of elimination."

that's frankly just ominous.

good luck, tf.

I remember reading that reds and yellows were the colors that typically had lead, and they were largely phased out in the US by the early 1980s, which lines up with what you said. So, yeaaahhhhhh probably.

Meanwhile, I keep a roll of unleaded solder in my work bag because the various work stations I may be at usually only have leaded solder. The iron itself probably maintains some lead on it though...

I voted no but only to be a contrarian about it

I bought some lead test strips recently which I haven't used yet - I was hoping this post was gonna end with some test strip action!!

(I'm gonna test the soil, which may or may not have lead, and the paint on the outside of the house, which almost certainly does)

Don‘t know anything about lead but can we please confirm even if you want to call the snack a Meiji Curl because sure that makes sense but the guy is Carl right? Please don’t tell me if his name is officially Curl too that would just make me sad somehow.

@“thebryanjzx90”#p73437 i have good news: the 2005 Meiji annual corporate report

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@“whatsarobot”#p73439 amazing thank you a weight has been lifted

(i do love the idea of a guy named Curl though)

Carly Bruce

I lean towards suspecting “no” just because lead was well-known to be dangerous in toys in the 90s. I didn‘t do any deep research, but Japan has had safety standards for things like lead or cadmium in toys since at least 2002, possibly earlier. I suspect the strap is from the early 2000s. My inclination would be to assume it doesn’t have lead, but I don't really know! I know America was putting cadmium in paint for kids things as recently as when McDonalds put out Shrek glasses in 2010.

As for the Hello Kitty pouch, you might be safe with that too: the date is actually 1995, the '76 is referring to Hello Kitty as a character. But again, I don't really know!

That Mario stein? Yeah, that's surely lead (or cadmium), but you don't really need to be too scared of it. I have a bunch of vintage character glasses made with lead paint: as long as you're not regularly putting your mouth directly on the painted images, it shouldn't be able to leach its way into your body. I'd just make sure they're only carefully handwashed too.
(PS: I'm not a safety expert. If this is bad advice it's probably because of the lead that seeped into my brain from using a "Hot Stuff the Little Devil" glass)

@“Nemoide”#p73456 is your little devil cup this same design?

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Oh heck. Might be leaded.
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If it does, you could use it as a shield to protect yourself from the alpha decay from the U-235 in your glassware.


Nope! The old Harvey Comics character![upl-image-preview url=]