Your Favorite Character Creator In A Game

My favorite creator is from the game Death Road to Canada.

If you haven't played or heard of [Death Road to Canada](, I would describe it as an Oregon Trail-like with zombies. The game is unique in how you manage decisions as you try and escape the zombie apocalypse by heading north to Canada. It has a good sense of humor and it's also an excellent couch co-op game. It has my favorite character creator because it leans on its sense of humor by allowing you to not only customize the look of your character, but their character traits as well, which can heavily affect the Oregon Trail-like decisions you make along the way. Take a peek at some gameplay if you're curious! I'll also add some screenshots below. With that said, what is _your_ favorite character creator?




Edit: I'd also like to add that there's a lot of fun and really goofy unlockable "Super" characters that you'll run into along the way. Very funny and quirky stuff!

I really like the avatar creator in the Guilty Gear Strive lobbies becoz you only have the choice of two body types:

no boobs

or with boobs

really, what more do you need??

It‘s probably not my favourite, but I always spend far too long in the Souls’ character creator interface. I‘ll play around with all the sliders and knobs, changing ear lobe length and all the silly detailed things … and then immediately equip a helmet and never see my work ever again. That’s got to be worth something.

@rejj#19802 I was going to come in here hot with Dark Souls too, just because it’s kind of iconic. My friend who speed runs it always starts by just hitting the “something similar”(or whatever the button is called) like a thousand times until he’s got some sort of Shrek-chia pet-sea buddy-Frankenstein-Simpsons monster and runs with it. I love it.

I am a great lover of fashion souls and spend hours in the character creator and then sacrifice all element of protection to look hot with my armor choices. I’ve never been able to level up to ironic fashion souls, where you run with a green monster wearing Havel's armor, no pants, and the painting guardian hood.

Saints Row 2

I like when you have to do a little quiz and the game rolls your character based on your responses

Jagged Alliance 2 for example, or Tactics Ogre to an extent

The hyper-detailed customization type of charcuterie generation is cool too, but it’s neat when it’s abstract or of a piece with the game like JA2, LUCT etc

lol autocorrect


@yeso#19820 I like when you have to do a little quiz and the game rolls your character based on your responses


The Dragon‘s Dogma CC is a big fave of mine. You could make everything from old sorceress grandmas to viking bikers. you could make some real weird looking people, but none so weird as it gets into dark souls nightmare goblin territory (you could make a character that looks like an orc or goblin though). It gives you a lot of control without giving you so much control that you couldn’t create something that doesn‘t look like it belongs in that setting. It’s a really neat balance.

Unfortunately all most people made with their pawns were girls that they wanted to date i think

I'm not a Splatoon player, but the little preview of the Splatoon 3 character customization looked pretty slick…mostly I wanted to mention this because of little buddy!