Your Internal OST

This is a thread about those times when a track from a game (or perhaps another piece of media) enters your head at a time when it is thematically appropriate.

I’ll give a few examples, like if I’ve been having money stress say and a windfall relieves the pressure for the moment.

Or I find something I’ve been looking all over for.

Maybe I succeed in cheering up a depressed friend or vice versa??

Sorry that they’re vague but you hopefully get the idea. I feel like if this happens to me with so many games then it must be really common with other people!

@“Syzygy”#p76439 someone had to!!

haha this happened to me at work just a couple of hours ago. i cannot encounter the words “right there” without this song starting to play in my head.

When its time to get in the zone

Whenever I‘m on hold and there’s no music or if I'm waiting on someone, my default music is this:

There are a couple that bubble up when my brain is in neutral mode…not sure if I can think of them all now, but I'll add more as I think of them.

Empty thoughts...only:

When I am confused, frustrated, or tired, and can't vocalize or even think through normal English speech, my mind always goes to…

Music of the game I currently play a lot tends to stick in my head. Right now that's Dragon Quest 1, the SNES remake. If I'm walking out in nature, especially any kind of field, the world map music comes to mind. Music from RPGs in general. I guess because I spend so much time in them?

My coworker at the market whistles this song...

This sound plays in my head when I'm finally able to pee after having to hold it in for a long period of time.



Empty head…no thoughts…only:

Ah, yes. For me, that's where this comes in. Big doing dishes staring at the wall in the dystopia energy:

Getting shit absolutely done:

Weed and coffee on the steps:

Right now, my internal soundtrack is strangely violent hiccups. It's been like this since shortly before the Jeopardy game earlier.

goes without saying, I live the cyber shantytown slumlife just like FFVII

@“穴”#p76461 more like Pii Fit amirite

I remembered another hokey one: when I‘m visiting my hometown which has been developed so much that I almost don’t recognize it, and I go for a long bike ride out to the farms where things have mostly remained the same.

I don't know if you all will find this as interesting as I do but the last time I was out there I found this sketchy old iron bridge spanning a stream with one person's tag scribbled all over it.


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I call this one “You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me, Another Call About the Same Damn Thing??” and it would play whenever some old dude would call in screaming saying we forgot to give him the disc with his copy of fortnite, despite the fact that the box was clearly sealed and had not been tampered with in any way and also says “download code only” on the front.

@"穴"#p76461 Unfortunately I can’t find the sound, but what plays in my head for the same situation is Erik from Dragon Quest XI shouting “Ohh yeahh!!” when entering the pepped up state. Or maybe it’s during a certain move, I forget! If ya know ya know

logging onto Twitter Dot Com

I am 1 block from the beach and go many times per week for various reasons (like doing chores and taking a shower, lol)

so I'm often blasting ska tracks and jun senoue on my bicycle

This one gets a lot of play time

Every time I‘m stumbling around the house or doing the “ope, just gonna sneak right past you” routine I get Daisy’s “whoa-whoa-whoa-heh” voice line in my head.

I absolutely hate doing a big food shop online - I think because it taps into a general fear that I can‘t cook or plan ahead - so instead I go months buying the food I’m going to eat that day. Ridiculous! Wasteful.

But today I've got the Wimbledon Ladies' final on, and if they can do that, I can probably make it through the Sainsbury's UX. I finished, and the FFVII theme came in. You know the one.

OH! This is clever:

I have this running joke with some of with my friends where we start humming together the FFIV's Theme of Love every time something amusing/disappointing happens, I think it counts.

@“JoJoestar”#p77553 that absolutely counts. Reminds me of one time my friends and I doing Setzer's Theme acapella in the middle of ancient civ class.