You're One Genius of a Driver; You've Gotta Teach Me!

As we all know Ridge Racer is the best series of videogames ever created. Stylish visuals, tight controls and stellar tunes make these must play experiences.

I got hooked on Ridge Racer with the original game on PSX. Back in early high school my friends and I would have game parties. We would rent a bunch of games, get some pizza and soda, then stay up all night playing. At the second or third party we rented a Playstation from the local Blockbuster and got Tekken and Ridge Racer. Tekken was a big hit with the crew, but I was drawn to Ridge Racer. I'm not sure if I figured out the drifting that night or not but this game cemented my desire for a Playstation. It was also really neat to be able to load the game, take the disc out and replace it with a music cd for different music. I used to play Weezer's blue album quite a bit while playing.

Share your experiences, thoughts or just any images/articles/ephemera of Ridge Racer.

I've actually been playing a ton of Ridge Racer (4 and 5) lately

R4 is just the most beautiful game ever made maybe?? 5 is really hard????

Rage Racer was the first one I ever played and it was an amazing and memorable rental. I remember marveling at the post race replay with the camera swooping all around your car, and having one of those ahh so this is what the next gen can do moments.

I still don't know what the deal is with the name though, why is that the only Ridge Racer game that isn't called ridge racer? Or there was also Rave Racer? It always made me less interested in the other ones, like oh I liked Rage Racer that one must be something different. That plus Gran Turismo coming out and fulfilling every single car geek fantasy I'd ever had and introducing several new ones meant I didn't give the rest of the series much attention. Never played it at the time but I tried R4 emulated a little while ago and liked it well enough but didn't really grab me.

I mentioned it on the podcast but when I was feeling kinda bleh during the first year of the pandemic I got my Xbox 360 set back up and put in Ridge Racer 6. The green hexagonal UI, the way the announcer was always talking about how great he felt to be there, that hot as heck drum n bass (and trance), the crazy nitrus, it all just felt like a warm blanket but also transported me to another place. What a delightful thing for a game to be able to do!

@“sabertoothalex”#p112045 I find 5 to be really difficult as well. I've tried getting into it several times over the years and just end up playing the original, revolution, R4 or the PSP games instead.

I finished all of the Grand Prix races in R4 today, that Expert level one was pretty tough! Beautiful game though, had so much fun with it. Really enjoyed the little story vignettes and how there was some crossover between the teams with the different representatives either knowing each other or just having little things to say about the other teams. Best UI look ever also? Maybe! Now I wanna see if I can get my hands on a disc copy and a JogCon to try…

I also started a new game of V on easy and immediately started having a much better time with it.

I didn't play Ridge Racer until someone in the office pulled out their import PSP and flicked the Hold button and Ridge Racer was just there. It looked incredible. How could a handheld do that. I ordered one immediately.

Ridge Racer PSP and the sequel are just wonderful games. I subscribed to the high tier of PS plus just to have it on my PS5.

I imported the US copy of RR6 since we had to wait for it in the UK. That might be the best in the series. Looks, sounds and plays great and has an all timer menu. Like Brandon says, it is otherworldly. You just get to go and be in Ridge Racer and in Ridge Racer, things are better.

I have dabbled in R4 but wanted to hold off until I got a neGcon. I have one now and will get to it soon! I want to get a jogcon too!

Ridge Racer has ruined all other racing games though. Why don't they feel as good as Ridge Racer? Why don't you get sideways all the time? Ridge Racer is so pure.

I gotta spend some more time with 7 but that one is essentially 6+ right? I’ve really liked the little I did play

@“sabertoothalex”#p112741 that‘s what they say! I haven’t played 7 at all, though I've got a copy here.

I guess we could also find out by watching this!

@“tomjonjon”#p113379 good lord!

“a ”yes“ is what will probably be replied”

“their might just be secret cars”

we had it easy as writers back in the 90s

@“exodus”#p113387 Gotta get to press! No time for proofing!

I've been looking at old EGM's for the past few days while its slow at work and the writing and editing is really bad in spots. Still great to look at then and now though.

i started exercising recently on a folding bike. my personality does not want any kind of exertion, but it does love video games. problem is, any time i have to make a decision, i stop pedalling. the only games that keep me on that bike are ridge racer. i have 1-4 & the PSP ones on a PSTV, and i have 7 on my ps3.having RRT4 and the psp RR2 on PS5 was very nice (rewind!) but my sub ran out.


@“Chopemon”#p112740 Ridge Racer has ruined all other racing games though. Why don’t they feel as good as Ridge Racer?

truly, we enter into a Twilight Zone tragic nightmare when we learn of ridge racer's magic, of its scarcity



I picked up a Negcon and Jogcon a few years back and while the Jogcon is kinda fun to play R4 with the Negcon just doesn‘t make sense for me in any of the Ridge Racer games. I’m just too used to the d-pad to tap tap tap my way to driftopia.

I've been having a blast with RR2 on PSP. I've found that despite not getting into Rage Racer on PSX - the tracks from that game are some of my favorites to race on in RR2.

I've also been playing RR6 when I've had time. Acid Eutron is such a great music track. Hoping to get my PS3 hooked up to my main tv to experience RR7 in full 1080HD60FPS glory.

I rolled credits on Ridge Racer 7 yesterday (only %50something complete) and this might just be my favorite RR game (I recently said the same thing about Ridge Racer 2 on PSP). 7 could definitely be a base to build a new game in the series. I like how any car can be outfitted with tires/parts to allow mild drifting machines to become dynamic and vice versa. The various nitrous options are great too. Adding the content from RR2 and getting it all running at 4K/120 would be the ultimate. Ridge Racer Ultimate. Make it happen Namco(t)!

Just seen this and I want it so bad

Ah dang it's 1/43 scale too big for me