2024 State of the Forums Community Discussion Thread

See, the “announcements” tag really is the right thing to do for the State of the Forums post. But then the community can’t discuss it. So please discuss it here. We’re glad you’re all here and we’re glad to be here helping.

Here’s the official announcement.

Special thanks to the Moderator Dream Team of @TomoftheFog and @captain for their thought, effort, and incredible Karaoke skills.


I can’t get over how cool it is that an IC forum post is the source of a wikipedia citation. (and the only one at that!)

I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while now but only recently started participating here in the forums and I have to say the community feels very welcoming! I really enjoy reading everybody’s opinions and updates and have to say the quality of people’s posts here is really inspiring to somebody who never really had anybody to talk to about this shared interest of ours.


I think this “state of the forum” style update is very good/useful. Having a reason to restate purpose and give an overall assessment of how we are doing towards that purpose is very useful, however imperfect the assessment may be.

I’m prompted to get busy putting together these thoughts on Lunatic Dawn 3 and World Neverland 2, and what an “empty” game is for.


this is such a cool place and it keeps getting cooler, i love it here


Something that might be cool is to spotlight a few threads exemplifying the kind of writing you’d like to encourage. I imagine people who have been here a while have a handful of examples tucked away in their memories, but new folks might not be aware of the kinds of writing that have happened on the forums.


It’d be cool if we could get some cyberelves to go into the css and make the bg color a bit less of a pitch black. I’m sure the old forum was more of a dark gray. Please go easy on us older folks who can’t read white text on black so well anymore!!

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The option for a “less-dark,” “Original Insert Credit-dark” is there! It’s just tucked away under a few layers of menus. Here’s a screenshot of its location to help you find it.


solarized dark #1


As someone who just signed up here a few weeks ago, I can confirm that I have not really seen any of these long form posts haha. Would love to see some of those though!!

One more thought I have is that I think it’s pretty cool that Insert Credit does not have a discord. Every site, podcast and their mom has a discord now and I think it’s neat and special that this is an exception.

Anyway I’m glad I made my account on here, it’s cool to be part of this community!


I haven’t been here as long as some, but one thread immediately came to mind: Videogames and the Military: A Love Story. An incredible amount of research that kept being added to, with analysis and commentary, and lots of participation from the community. It has not been cleaned up post-migration, but the content is still there and speaks for itself imo.


@Moon ’s excellent thread on the cyberpunk genre is worth a visit
What Was Cyberpunk? In Memoriam: 1980-2020


i don’t have much to add at the moment, other than to say that this place is cool and getting cooler. Big thanks to all the admins keeping this place going, and to all the contributors for making this one of my top visited websites.


I should definitely save some of the topics I put a fair bit of effort into. Especially since my opinions are fact and should be available for Wikipedia to cite as such.

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