3DS + Wii U Memories *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

As Nintendo are shutting down eshop purchase on the 3DS and Wii U in a year‘s time they’ve released our play stats for these consoles.

Feel free to share. Here's mine:

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I always knew I played a lot of monster hunter…

I think a good chunk of those 62 titles are demos.

-edit: [Here's the link](https://my-nintendo-3ds-wiiu-memories.nintendo.com/en-GB/index.html#top).

Ah ! This time, it seems the same website can be accessed from any region.

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Japanese 3DS. I mostly played SMT and MH on my European 3DS so I wonder how they would fit in there.

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I suspect Miiverse is not accounted for, and I am a bit shocked even Mario Maker did not pass the 100h mark. Poor WiiU…

My Wii U top three has been tarnished by using it as my dinner-time YouTube console.

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[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/eUsuJPo.png]

My 3DS was largely a JRPG machine save for Phoenix Wright and a few Mario games. I had a lot of fun with this thing.

I cannot select my cherished Nintendo 3DS ambassador badge(?)-like application as my favorite piece of software on the machine. This is unacceptable.

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[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/1hqMhVm.png]

Unfortunately my 3DS review is not right because I hacked it. I want to give a shoutout to Swapnote, the Best Social Media. I love that Nikki is official nintendo canon now (she's in Mario Maker and Smash!)

There’s a clear champ…

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/kE7GwFc.png]

Both of my consoles are also very hacked, so these charts are warped. You can even see Brain Age from my Wii U, onto which is installed Haxchi.

I am one of the cool people who plays cross-gen Zelda games on the older, has-been console.

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I've had two 3DSes: a refurb purple 3DS and a refurb Black Friday Mario new 3DS (buying refurbished straight from Nintendo is the best). For a long time though my first 3DS wasn't even modded, so I don't know what's going on here or where went all the hours I put into New Leaf, Gunvolt, the Mii Plaza or even Rusty's Real Deal Baseball. But I also bought my 3DS right before leaving my job and moving out and sliding into abject poverty for a few years with never much money available to spend on games anyway.

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I'd love to see a homebrew app for these systems that compiles your play hours the way MS, Sony and Nintendo have been doing.

I never really got into the 3DS.

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Maybe I'll step up my gaming on the platform over the next year.

Aww, this thread is making me a bit misty-eyed–it certainly doesn't help that I just recently dusted off my old 3DS, only to have its days explicitly numbered :frowning:

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The #1 here checks out--as I've mentioned elsewhere, the Wii U was the Earthbound machine for me. This was the first time I played all the way through the game, and probably one of the first times I've actually committed to finishing a long-ish game via emulation instead of just popping in and messing around like usual. This was also a nice little preview of the eventual promise of the Switch, as I regularly switched between "docked" and "handheld" mode.

I had actually completely forgotten about the Netflix app...I guess this was a little more essential than I recalled! Mario 3D World was a really fun co-op game, but I'm not sure if it would do much for me as a single-player experience.

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I'm not sure exactly when the cutoff for this data is, but it must have been a little while ago because I've put about 25hrs into SMTIV in the last few weeks. I had pretty much forgotten about AC New Leaf until I saw this report--I put more time into that game than I realized! This is the only AC game I've played, but it was just the right amount of chill at just the right time in my life. I was reminded of that time I silkscreened a little version of my favoite T-shirt at the time for my villager :)

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I loved Pokemon Moon (It's still the only game in the series that I've finished), which also had a nice chill vibe. Happy to see Link Between Worlds on there, which is probably my favorite game on the console. This was also my favorite Zelda game until I played BOTW, though that's probably not saying much since those are the only two I've completed lol. The story was actually surprisingly touching, too! It's kinda funny to see my little plot skewing toward "multiplayer," since I'm not sure I ever played a single multiplayer mode on the 3DS.

Anyway, despite Nintendo's best efforts these are very much living systems for me (heck, I even set up my Wii U again just this past year!) and I haven't even touched any of the hacking/homebrew stuff for either console. Still looking forward to a lot more fun with these old-timers :)

Ohh, this is neat. The 3DS one is way off, I think I played on a couple different systems and maybe didn't use an account or used a different one. I did go through a big Pokemon phase a while back. A bunch of games have come out since I last played it and I just have no enthusiasm left for the series.

Wii U I picked up cheap once the Switch was out. Used it for BoTW primarily and then mostly used it for co-op games with buddies after that.

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@“connrrr”#p58250 [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/36Fv7yZ.png]

I‘ve just realised that something isn’t right about mine either. I played Breath of the Wild last year for around 70 hours on Wii U, significantly more than my listed third place game, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

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[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/vJ0cR9A.png]

This pretty much makes sense. I guess I was a big enough smash fan that I played that 3DS version I a lot (I‘ll get the cone of shame). Really think everyone who’s played 999 should check out Virtue‘s Last Reward. I reality love the 3DS, and I’ve had three. I‘m kinda surprised Pokémon Y wasn’t in the top three, since I spent a lot of time breeding for stats.

And I wonder what cool stuff I played on WiiU


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Oops! all streaming service! I find it somewhat funny that this was the Netflix machine and the Breath of the Wild machine for my three roommates and me

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I got my 3DS on 2014. Brain Age Concentration Training was one of the first digital purchases I ever made. I think it was like 40 bucks. I really bought the system for Pokemon X and the upcoming Persona Q game at the time. Really enjoyed Persona Q but I‘m afraid to play it again because I heard the physical copy won’t work or something. I got a NEW 3DS in 2016 during Pokemon‘s 20th anniversary, but I never linked my account to it, it is attached to my brother’s. We played a lot of the free Kirby Crash game. Still playing the 3DS for Robobot, and I do Brain Age Concentration daily with my dad (he had a hemorraghic stroke, left basal ganglia burst right after his shift in the hospital. He's also the most healthy person ever so it really suprised us) and I really believe that it helps with his Speech therapy. We do the math thing x 20 and Devilish Reading everyday, and as of today, we are on day 270.

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Wii U, obviously YouTube is up there for listening/watching the INSERT CREDIT PODCAST and watching ACTION BUTTON REVIEWS. I have two accounts for Xenoblade X, this one should have been over 200 hours, 227 something according to my daily log, and my other account, just 100. My daily log also says YouTube should be 1400+. Wii U was also my first “NEW” console since the PS2, not counting handhelds. It was also my first HD console. I bought my Wii U around 2017 actually, specifically for Xenoblade X and the first Xenoblade (I actually bought Xenoblade without ever owning a Wii when it first came out, so I just had a never before played copy for like five years I think). I played a bunch of regular Wii games on it (even when I acquired a PS2 in 2001, I would play just PS1 games that I missed out on it).

I'm replaying Phoenix Wright trilogy as sleeping aid 5-10mins a night for like 3 years now. On second case of third game.

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I played Botw only a little bit on Wii U but my Switch play time got in here.
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This is definitely accurate for Wii U, and also extremely funny.

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3DS, wow, it really looks like I like pokemon lol. I do not particularly! I liked pokemon picross a lot and pokemon shuffle kind of! I was doing this instead of f2p phone games for a while.
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I still want a copy of Devil's Third but it is TOO LATE NOW, that thing is pricey as heck.


@“X3N0Sbioz”#p58298 my dad

Gosh, what a terrible thing to happen...really glad that he's been finding the 3DS helpful, hoping his recovery goes well!


@“exodus”#p58301 I still want a copy of Devil’s Third but it is TOO LATE NOW, that thing is pricey as heck.

You’d obviously have to sacrifice your _extensive_ library of US-region games, but I think changing the region of a Wii U is relatively simple and the game is readily available in Europe. On the eShop even!

games in bed aw yeah. also wondering when the cutoff was. i didn‘t realize the 3ds didn’t go to sleep when closing up the shell with a regular ds game. the playtime on my hotel dusk save is some where in the 300 hours which was all from last year.

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netflix while playing 3ds games in bed maybe
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