A thread in which to introduce oneself

Alright! Let's talk about ourselves, why not!

Well, I'm brandon sheffield, and I'm using my old forum name because I think it's fun to do. I started insert credit, well, almost 20 years ago, and then I kept journalisming for a long time (game developer magazine, gamasutra.com), before I got bored and started trying to make video games. Here I am, 8 years after starting, with no hits, a bunch of games released halfway, and somehow a team of 7. Explain that, MOM

I accidentally killed the original insert credit forums back in the mid-2000s because I was very stupid and thought an "aggressive" mod that everyone hated would improve things. Frankly, things were fine and I just needed to get over myself, and I made the exact wrong decision, so... sorry to everyone who was there at the time. That's all I can say really! I messed it up real bad.

Anyway, then I did a podcast with tim and frank and that was cool, but that kind of petered out into nothingness. but will it stay that way!? No, it won't, were gonna revive it lol. The story of my life with insert credit has been: "it would've been very successful if I'd just kept doing it." well, let's try again.

So how about YOU FRIENDS, who are YOU and what's YOUR DEAL, let's hear about it.

im daphaknee! im a horrible internet goblin that loves to post. you can find my best work at selectbutton.net and its many affiliated podcasts, that have been ongoing for some years now! FINALLY I CAN SAY IVE POSTED ON INSERT CREDIT

So I'm azure (she/her). I used to write for insert credit under a different name, and with a bit of distance I can see that, style issues aside, not all of it was completely terrible!

I have figured out that social media isn't just evil; it's also annoying. So a return to basics seems in order.

Which is to say, this is a good rest stop on the way to an OEM newsgroup. Presumably in the alt.* hierarchy.


Hi I‘m VMU_Beep / Adam - I’ve been a professional lurker since insert credit one point oh. My deal is Saturn & Dreamcast games and the whole RGB / video quality subculture. Every once in a while I share dumb Sega-related projects on the internet.

I'm an out of work game developer. I really like racing and driving games.

Howdy, it's me, the Pasokon Deacon.

I dabble in a bunch of stuff, but my Twitter's largely dedicated to showcasing and discussing older Japanese PC/Windows games which are becoming gradually better-known. I'm also (slowly) working on a website to house this effort and better display what me and others in the J-PC community have been working on.

A recent example of my Pasokon Sunday delvings:


Expect lots of obscure (or at least interesting) content from my end.

Hi I‘m Andi

I make games and generative art and things

I started making indie games in 2008 and I made a weird platformer that I released in 2009, it is probably still the most complicated thing I have made

Later I got interested in the intersection of videogames with generative art and music and I made an art program with Michael Brough that people seemed to like a lot, it was in the IGF

(Probably neither of these games work anymore on Mac because Apple is awful)

Anyway after that I got disillusioned with games and spent a few years working on a programming language but then I got disillusioned with THAT and came back to games

Now I am doing games full time, self employed, for the first time ever! and it is exciting but unbelievably scary. When I went indie I decided I was really interested in VR because it was not (still is not) clear what VR is good for and I wanted to be one of the explorers digging in the concept mines finding out. So I have spent the last two years now working on a VR game, which I have not announced the name of or publicly posted pictures of anywhere but am about 40% done with and hope (oh gosh I hope) I will finish this year.

I am currently: completely terrified by the process of releasing commercial software, uncertain either that VR has a future or that I am taking the correct initial approach to it, terrified because my VR game has platformer components but I am not sure I fully understand how to design a platformer or that it is even a good idea to create a platformer in the year 2020, and terrified my immigration plan won’t work out and I'll be forced to return to the USA before the game is finished.

Outside games, in the time since 2008 I have gotten comfortable enough with my own existence that my avatar is now a picture of my face instead of blurry abstract art.

I may or may not forget that I made this account in two days!!

Hey everyone, I‘m manks, short for manksalot. I’ve been working freelancing as a copywriter and editor for a technical journal covering a certain niche of US federal regulations. It sucks (way, way more since 2017) and I need a steady job. I think video games are really good and generally deserve better discussion and criticism.

I am Christopher Ford. I love basic ass video games but I don‘t get to play them any more because of my damn wiener kids. I write movies and I would love to write for games if it wasn’t a HUGE PAY CUT. I mostly miss using an internet forum.

Oh hi!

I used to be a community manager at Capcom during a particularly bad time for it (Mega Man Legends 3 through the launch of Street Fighter V), but I quit a few years ago and that's that.

Before all that I was a lurker on the _old_ Insert Credit, which is what inspired me to buy a Japanese Saturn, which became an ongoing obsession for the rest of life so far. So, thanks for that!

Also I'm already seeing several things come up that I never have anyone to talk to about, e.g. Home Movies, the opinion that Dark Souls is neat and yet sucks, modded original Xboxes etc etc) so I think maybe this is where I wanna be! Hi!

@Lacquerware#97 Oh wow, were you the community manager helming the Legends 3 Devroom? How time flies by. I frequented that place under the name GeneralSpecific. And I somehow got a Legends 2 poster just by making a table of contents thread, of all things.

Hopefully I’m less naive by now. It’s a shame how the Legends 3 fiasco went down.

Hi, y‘all. I’m John

I make games as a hobby, but I'm pretty serious about my hobby. I've also been a film director/writer. I've also done some academic video game studies stuff. I presented a paper on SMT Nocturne and place at a conference a few years back.

I got started making games on paper when I was a kid. I started actually making games in QBASIC and then in ZZT when I was 13 or 14 (1997). I made a ZZT adaptation of Lemmings that got a lot of attention and is mentioned on the ZZT Wikipedia page for some reason.

I got back into game design in 2009 and have to date released over 90 games (including my shitty teenage ZZT games). I put them out under a vanity label I call [Whatnot Studios](http://whatnot.bombdotcom.net/). I've made a lot of short single-screen puzzle platformers with small mechanical novelites, like [Shadow Wrangler](https://jdmgames.itch.io/shadow-wrangler) and [Liz & Laz](https://jdmgames.itch.io/liz-laz-1), and then the doozy (in terms of scale) of a puzzle platformer I made in 2017, [Explobers](http://explobers.bombdotcom.net/), which is the product of my lifelong obsession with _Lemmings_. I'm working on a remake/sequel of that game, but I've been playing with narrative a lot more lately, including a [Gundam-inspired VN/action game](https://jdmgames.itch.io/orbital-paladin-melchior-y) and a game about [praying about the Wumpus](https://jdmgames.itch.io/temple-of-the-wumpus). That may seem like I'm just promoting my games, but, Idunno, seems relevant to my interests on this here forum. I've gotten really interested in games that intentionally frustrate players on mechanical or narrative levels.

Uh, yeah, I also got an MA in Japanese literature. My thesis was on the first Mobile Suit Gundam series.

My gameplay diet these days is mostly small games (I started a [blog about those](http://jotsondots.bombdotcom.net/) that is on an unanounced hiatus, because my day job became more exhausting), indie games, and JRPGs with a handful of action games thrown in. I just finished Final Fantasy XV this morning and put [my thoughts about it in this thread](https://twitter.com/jdm0079/status/1242070900859637761).

Games I can never stop thinking about: Super Mario Bros. 3, Lemmings, Persona 3, both NES Zeldas, Nier

I am always hungry for some good videogame discussion. Glad to be here.

My name is Laura Michet. I’ve been working in games in a mix of freelance and full time situations for about nine years. I worked on a couple cool indie games recently (WTWTLW, Pathologic 2, Industries of Titan) and now work at Riot as an editor. My job touche on both game narrative content, story products outside our games.

My interest in commercial games is evenly split between narrative stuff of any variety, systems-heavy sim and citybuilding games like Odd Realms, and totally mainstream Nintendo games. I will play nearly any Pokémon thing they throw at me. I also play a crap ton of non commercial experimental and indie stuff.

I live in LA and over the last few years I’ve been glad to get more involved in the gamedev community here. I find discord and slack difficult formats for community conversation because the idea of missing a conversation in an endless stream fills me with anxiety!! I spent my childhood on (Bionicle) forums and I’m hoping I can get back into the format here.

@azure#45 Did somebody smack me?

Hello, it‘s Brett

I lurked insertcredit after my friend handed me printed-out forum posts of ic threads complaining about BioShock

Later I made some solipsistic games as a student and then landed at a “boutique indie developer” for a while where I got to sneak the Doom shotgun sound into press streams. While there I felt connected to people and the indie scene in a way I haven’t ever since and it‘s slowly killing me

I dressed up in a mascot costume of a bear playing Odin when I was at a tech startup working on a location-based phone game; we ran out of cash a month before Pokemon Go launched

I jumped to AAA in 2016 and it sure is some sort of trying to push boulders uphill through 3 feet of mud. I’m dying to get out but I think I'm committed to seeing our next game out, which is either really, really exciting or doomed to failure

Can't stand twitter anymore, it feels like it perfectly replicates the feeling of being just outside a conversation circle at a party. I'll let my RSS feeds go shortly after my windows phone

@PasokonDeacon#99 Yep! I remember your name! Needless to say, the Legends 3 project was a nightmare for all involved. I was lucky to keep my job at all. But it was kind of five years of fiascos like that. Glad they're doing better now.

@mcc#67 plz don't forget you made an account

Hi folks, Andy here.

It's not likely that I'll participate too much beyond lurking, but I wanted to say hello and thank you to the community that is disproportionately influential on my taste in games.

Brandon, I followed the home page of Insert Credit daily and was introduced to a ton of people who are active in the games industry in some way or another through this site. Actually, I recognize several of the user names in this introduction thread though I doubt that's reciprocated because I mostly lurked. So like daphaknee, I too can say I have finally posted on Insert Credit!

I mostly want to express that the Insert Credit family is probably larger than you realize. Though you have probably gotten primarily spambot forum invasions for your troubles, I can't be the only one who feels like this site needs to exist in some capacity. Thanks for keeping the lights on for us.

i‘m aurora, i’m 25 years old, my twitter is @request_healing and i like modernist aesthetics, dialectical thinking and smt nocturne. @jdm0079#100 can you send me your smt nocturne paper