A thread in which to introduce oneself

@“Funbil”#p159759 I did get one person so far to at least attempt Mother 1 first, though I don‘t think they actually finished it, which is a shame! It’s a truly incredible game on its own. But the work continues!


i'm soup! i used to be active on here a couple years ago w/ a different name but my identity has shifted a little since then so i made a new account ^^

im a current compsci student who likes video games, movies, baseball, and whatever interest has currently captured her! my favourite game series is the like a dragon franchise, my favourite movie is electric dragon 80.000v, and my favourite baseball team is the seattle mariners!


@“soup”#p159852 have you considered becoming a fan of minor league team the dayton dragons?

@“soup”#p159852 Welcome back!

Not directed at you, but your name change and reintroduction did remind me of just something that the community in general may want to hear: you’re in charge of what you share. Nobody is going to hassle you about your identity. And another way to ensure that is to only share things that you want to share.

It comes up in mod discussions from time to time and I wanted to mention that just because we are a friendly community doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be setting healthy boundaries for yourself!

I posted back in 2020! Christ. Mid pandemic and everything. Found this bookmark again - will endeavour to post again again relevantly.

So, hi!


Hello! I made an account the day before we swapped forums. And look at that, my infantile profile survived the switch!

I twirl hobbies like a clown twirls plates. Film photography, JRPGs, drums & keys & guitar, videogame news, birding, poetry, probably some other stuff that isn’t coming to mind atm. Also I write the news for work.

Been listening to Insert Credit for the past couple years; I’m also one of those that rode the slip-N-slide from Tim’s videos to the IC pod to the forums. I grew up on web forums but haven’t posted on one in a longgg time… Y’all seem fun though. Looking forward to hangin’ out here more!


Welcome! I was in a similar boat and I was surprised at how quickly I re-acclimated to being on a forum again once I joined


Welcome aboard! Always fun to meet a fellow collector of hobbies. I’m just starting to dip my toes into film photography!


Hello! I’m Steven. I made an account ages ago but for whatever reason hadn’t posted - until now!

I spent my formative years in forums and am glad to find some thriving still in this, the Year of Luigi 2024.
It probably goes without saying that I am a video game liker, but to get more specific I love JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Persona, From Software games (Souls-ish and otherwise), most of the stuff Nintendo put out, and delving into older games via emulation or FPGA with an Analogue Pocket. It’s so nice exploring the vast libraries of systems I grew up with since I had pretty limited access to games living in a regional area (and being a child, I suppose).

I also write about games for various sites and have in the past been an avid podcast maker, though that’s fallen off a little in the last year or so.

Outside games I work as a software developer and I’ve taken up photography as a hobby in the last few years, I collect vinyl, and am enthusiastic about cars.

Hello, new potential pals!


hello IC im mara :wave: been lurking for a bit but work is such a funeral tn that i figured to pull the trigger to pass the time.

where did i come from: some dark wet corner somewhere in toronto

how did i get here: stumbled upon the old IC forums mid-implosion like ?fifteen years ago? (time isn’t real) and ig I’ve been riding the vibe ever since. i was a gamesliker from a very young age but it was mostly just a lonely pastime before i started floating around here and developing a sense of taste. the pandemic and to a lesser extent transition kinda blew my life up and discouraged me from posting or interacting for a couple years but we are thankfully on the other side of that now :sparkles::dolphin:

what am i doing: rn i work in the kitchen at a pinball arcade for a living, where at present i am trying to tempt the forces of karma to manifest 200 people at the front door so i can maybe make some money tonight lol x.x c’mon baby mara wants a maris rock cmonnnn

outside of here i practice choy li fut kung fu, paint a skateboard or two, play merch girl for my musician friends, and think about towers a whole lot. every now and then i have a cocktail and try to convince someone to play baroque. in general I’ve done at least a little bit of a great many things and i am hoping to do many more things! i would like to try hacking rom sometime soon that would be fun

at least two or three people prolly recognize me from SB. hello and whatsup 2 u! looking forward to being pals


Welcome and hello! I hope you soon see 200 friendly people at the front door.


welcome aboard!


I thought this was a good thread to have pinned, so new users can easily find it


We have Welcome to Insert Credit pinned, which links to this topic—just trying to avoid having too many pinned topics.


Hi! I used to hang out in the old IRC channel a lot and used to admin an old version of this forum. I got busy with other stuff and haven’t been back around here much.

I’m from a dry place in the western US but I spent a number of years in NYC. I’m a software developer and a dad. I was really heavy into importing games up until the PS3. Now I mostly play old stuff on a MiSTer. I also like photography, synths, music programming, reading, and trying to figure out who I am in middle age.


Gave myself a new profile picture after the Achewood cat didn’t make the transition to the new site.

This is a different weird cartoon cat, unofficially named Yankii Doraemon.


welcome to dreamcats and welcome to @thebryanjzx90’s new avatar!

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Hello, I’ve been a long time listener of the show (and I mean long time like back to the 2012 days) and have been meaning to make an account here for a while.

I mostly play video games, as wide a variety as I can, and watch anime, typically seasonal stuff. I sporadically watch movies, read books slowly, and absolutely devour manga.

I also like to write a lot and have been working on improving my style. Lately I’ve been making my own personal zines about the things I got into over the course of a year and am working my way up to making a zine about the Kiseki/Trails series which I positively adore.

I’m mostly looking for a place share this stuff and lurk during slow work days, but it’s been a while since I was active in ANY forums so apologies in advance if this doesn’t stick.

I think that covers everything? I also have a cat!