A thread in which to introduce oneself

Welcome to the forum! Please feel free to share what you’re up to and of course cat pics are always welcome in the Cats thread

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hey there everyone o/ my name’s prismatic! i’ve been lurking around for quite a while, and decided to join up!

admittedly, i haven’t listened to any of the podcasts… i’ve joined here for the video game discussions/how chill the place seems to be. i assume that would be okay? o:


The show and the forum influence each other, but one is not required to enjoy the other. Happy to have you here! What video game discussion will you be joining and/or starting with us all?


i’m a big switch/pc gamer, so i’ll largely be participating in those! also a huge jrpg/hack and slash fan ^^ but i figure i’ll get more of a feel of the kind of genres people are into before starting any discussions in particular.


Hello everyone!
I’ve been listening the show for about 2 years now and just decided to join the conversation here.

I’m a 32yo software engineer and dad from Mar del Plata, Argentina. Some things I like:

  • videogames, obviously. I currently own a -broken- Switch, an Xbox Series X, and I just bought a Miyoo Mini Plus for retro gaming
  • music in general
  • talking and thinking about politics (perhaps unsurprisingly, I’m a leftist)
  • wine (not a connoisseur but I sure do like drinking and learning about it)

Really glad to be here!


Hello there and welcome to the forums.

Please feel free to recommend all wines you enjoy and how you’re finding the miyoo mini plus!

And as a fellow dad, you can always check out Insert credit jr. for some great recommendations.

Happy posting =)

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Hello fellow dirtbags!
I’m Ethan, I work in a library and make psychedelic video art when I’m not playing games.

Been a big fan of Tim since coming across his Minit video years ago. Insert Credit became my favorite video game pod as soon as I started listening to it a couple years ago. I follow Brandon on bluesky and he said something recently about these forums being the best.

Frank sounds so much like one of my good friends named Brandon which is at least 30% of why I like the show so much.

I’m kind of in a weird space with video games right now after finishing FF7 Rebirth and Dragons Dogma 2. Been playing a little Remmant 2, a little No Rest for the Wicked, a little Unicorn Overlord but mostly Vampire Survivors.


@EthanViz Here’s a random tip for a jank-but-nuts suvivors-like but-also-hades-like if you’re on PC - try the demo for Spell Disk on steam. Pardon the unsolicited recommendation, but welcome!

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{ big eyes emoji }

I’d be keen to see, if you have any links to work you can share!
I’ve mentioned similar over in the Happening now thread and always love seeing new (to me) works and artists

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My latest long form video was for a Winter Solstice themed ambient music night that was streamed on twitch. Pretty proud of it tbh


Hi all!
I’m And, I started listening to Insert Credit early last year and have been a dirtbag ever since. Going through the backlog of pre-time skip episodes now and decided I wanted to check out the forums I’ve heard so much about, really glad I did (this site is so nice to look at)!

I’m a graphic designer with an interest in game development that’s too big to ignore, slowly working my way through learning the basics with the dream of collaborating with other creatives on a project. I’m 22 and live in the south, not the best place to live if you pursue creative industries it turns out… oops! My interests are primarily film and games, I like making zines from time to time and hope to make more. If you wanna talk Apichatpong Weerasethakul or how upsetting it is that we don’t have a Nausicaa video game I’m your guy!

Looking forward to meeting you all :)


Welcome! my abandoned twitter account has the same underwater cat from Katamari Damacy as the profile pic


I think you mean “how upsetting it is that we don’t have a modern Nausicaa video game” ;)

Go check out the history of Nausicaa games!

(You could also lament not having a good Nausicaa game afterwards lol)

Welcome to the Forums!


Hello everyone!

My name is Owen and I’m happy to be here! I started a new job back in October of last year that has a forty-five minute commute. As I tried to nail down a podcast to keep up with (I started with binging Blank Check’s Studio Ghibli episodes), I remembered that Tim had mentioned doing a podcast. I instantly fell in love with the show and community it is surrounded by. Now I’m really doing myself a favor and signing up for the forums after lurking for a while.

My main video game endeavor has been giving into the brain rot which is Pokémon shiny hunting. I usually accompany it with some other form of media, tonight’s entertainment being SummoningSalt’s new video about Tetris. I just recently moved on from ToTK after playing it on and off since release. My new game has been Yakuza 0, which my buddies have been telling me to play for a while now (with the show backing up their suggestion).

Besides gaming, I’ve been trout fishing on the sunny days and building Gunpla on the rainy days (currently working on the Aerial).

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me… I can’t wait get to know you all!