A thread in which to introduce oneself

Hey I’m here for the chill vibes. Like the podcast, like the forums, and I really like tacos!


Joined this forum because I wanted a place to discuss whatever I was interested in at the moment, and I was fed up with the toxic nature of other sites.


welcome! we like talking about things


Oh hey a Revelations: Persona icon


Heya! :3

I learned about Tim’s work when the Tokimeki Memorial video came out, found out about the podcast not long after and it ended up helping me get through my first two years of uni (doing sociology) and try assorted cool and neat things. Thought I’d finally get round to seeing what the forum’s all about since the vibes seem chill and I mostly use social media to talk to my partners rather than any kind of “discourse” (positive or negative).

Currently living in Southampton in the UK for uni; English by birth, Irish by the grace of god (i.e. my family’s Irish but I was born in England). I speak English (obviously), German and kinda speak Japanese and Irish.

My first game was Sonic '06 when I stole my brother’s controller and sneakily started playing when he went to the toilet and since then I’ve been a dedicated slop-goblin. Sometimes I even play good games! I’m also a dedicated lover of “old” and Japanese stuff especially if it’s on the PS1, Saturn or Dreamcast.


Welcome to the forums fellow EU time zone member and also fellow lover of the Saturn!

If it’s good games you’re playing, feel free to share whatever they currently are in the 2024 games we are playing topic



Also share the bad games, please!


Howdy y’all.

I started listening to the pod within the last year because I needed something on my commutes to and from work. Figured I’d join the forums for fun.

I’m a big fan of fighting games, arcades, and rpgs. But honestly I play anything that seems cool and interesting. Currently getting through SMT V Vengeance which is crazy good.

Outside of games I build and collect gunpla, love cooking, and like making fancy coffee. :)


Welcome to the forums!

Please share more games you find cool and interesting, and see if you can enlighten us with a new discovery!



Yo, I’m Spencer. I just started listening to the podcast a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already purchased Balan Wonderworld. Making an account here was the next logical step.

I don’t care to say what I do for a living, but I’ve drawn things occasionally and would like to get back to making comics but it’s difficult to do. I have been writing some long-form fiction (I hesitate to refer to it as a novel) that I’ve been posting chapters of on a blog, but it’s so hard to explain that I don’t often bring it up. I’ve also been known to whip out a screenplay or two in the past, but that didn’t really lead anywhere and I didn’t know what to do with it, so that’s kind of done for right now. I’m also considering doing some videos on youtube about games or comics or whatever, but I haven’t found just the right subject just yet, but I’m getting close.

When it comes to more general interests I love comics more than anything in the world. That being said, not much for superheroes. I’m also a big fan of weird movies, weird games (does that need to be said on this forum?), and techno. I probably listen to too much techno to the point where my streaming platform of choice said my listening habits are most in common with those in Brighton in the UK, which says a lot about me. I would like to think Jeff Minter and I have at least some musical taste in common.

Anyway, that’s whats up.