Am I making this thread up? A thread to help find other threads!

Is there a thread for sharing cool arcade cabinet artwork?

@“safety_lite”#p70645 there isn't - you should make a thread!

I thought I had previously stumbled on a thread regarding video game ideas posters had but wouldn't be creating themselves.

@“chakan”#p70973 there was two, now there is one. (I think they got merged)

edit wrong thread

I guess this is kind of meta but I thought there was a thread about helping people remember a game that they can describe but can't find the name of?

I don’t remember seeing that kind of thread here outside of @“穴”#580 specifically looking for the game with tough-looking cats a few months ago. Maybe it can be used for other people’s questions as well?


By the way, wouldn’t this thread (in which we are right now) be more helpful (for newcomers especially) if it was pinned at the top, like the forum formatting thread?

@“Syzygy”#p75477 Hmm I see. Then, yes I agree a tag/category could be helpful to find this kind of thread. As for a possible tag name…

  • - Helpful
  • - Forum tips
  • - Forum tools
  • - Posting tips
  • - How-to
  • - FAQ
  • - ask Clippy
  • Is there a thread where people talk about PS4 games that they like? I recently got a PS5 and have been lurking in the PS5 exclusive recommendations thread but I never had a PS4 so I want to go back and play some games I might have missed out on.

    I feel like I specifically remember a thread that was centered around petty reasons one has stopped playing a game, but I can't find it. Was it closed or branched into another?

    @“dylanfills”#p78687 It sounds familiar, I think it may have been a podcast thread based off one of the questions.

    Do we have a thread on audio/music production?

    TBH I've been in denial for too long, I want to try making music again. However, I have too much experience in one kind of music creation and software to waste, so I want to know if anyone has suggestions for production software that would let me get as close to a workflow that would be intuitive for me as possible.

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p78719 I don‘t know if there’s already a thread but it definitely sounds like one I could post in!!

    Is there a thread for posting fake video games from movies/tv? All I can find is the thread of real video games that look like fake ones.

    Pretty sure I posted somewhere about a cool looking TV/VCR combo where the tape entry was vertical. Anyone remember where that is!? I think it happened in a thread where @treefroggy was saying VCR/CRT combos were ugly and I was like OH YEAH!? or something


    I love TV VCR combos, just saying they‘ve become sought after by many and expensive and it makes me appreciate the look of a tv sitting on top of a VCR more, because it’s frugal!


    but I wasn't clear enough and it caused confusion. my bad :(

    @“treefroggy”#p85468 oh, it's no problem! just was remembering it quickly for easy context, and we sorted it out in the end

    @“exodus”#p85476 no problem I know it‘s a silly offhand remark, I’m just trying to be more mindful and clear with my comments online! :wink: and setting the record straight



    I guess this is kind of meta but I thought there was a thread about helping people remember a game that they can describe but can’t find the name of?

    reviving this one because i have a blurry image-of-a-printed-photo-from-like-the-nineties that my coworker shared & we're trying to figure out what game they're playing.

    i could make it myself i suppose: "What's that game (genuinely curious mode)?" if it doesn't already exist...