AMV thread

folks, i love amvs. put a music track over anime? yeah. YEAH

when i was 17 i thought anime was weird and bad. then [i saw this vid]( and decided heck, ill watch dbz. some cause and effect later, I am here.

I'll post some of my absolute favorite ones. I don't know the genre very well! so post whatever you think is cool in this thread
[when you hear phill colins](
[this fits suspiciously well.... minimal editing](
[watching the og gundam rn, im surprised this comparison isn't brought up more](
[I know this one is trying to ironically recreate the 00s amv feeling, but i still love it]( )
[this one uses a song in the orignal funi dub, but it works so well why not make an amv](
[I think this is one of gainax's first works? the music was there originally](

This song sucks across multiple context vectors but this AMV was very important to the year 20000

That Pantera one is amazing. My first exposure was definitely my brother watching a ton of Dragon Ball Z / KoЯn AMVs.

But my personal AMV era was in like 2003 with emo tracks by Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, etc.

And of course Gorillaz/Invader Zim was huge on Limewire at the time.

It brings back good memories of playing Disgaea on PS2 and sharing DeviantArt finds with internet friends over AIM. I didn't go to Hot Topic enough to get too deep into the Mall Goth aesthetic so I quickly grew out of this phase, but I always think back to what might have been.

A thread to embarrass myself with.

Also there's this bay area trip hop band, Halou, that I really like. Sometime after getting into them I discovered that their song Honeythief is a popular track among AMVers.

me and @Jaffe have twice monthly Buddy Nights in the discord server we’re in, where we watch an episode of 4 different anime (last year it was Outlaw Star, Trigun, a rotating third slot longest held by Gundam 08th MS Team, and Slayers) along with whatever else we want to put on. at the end of the year I made an AMV and found out I really love making AMVs!!

this year we’ve been watching Big O, Nichijou, Princess Tutu (i could write a book on how good Princess Tutu is) and Slayers Next. (also we’re watching Gundam Wing every Friday now) it’s a real good time and a couple insert credit people have already popped in, let me know if you’re interested in hangin out!!

This Tenchi Muyo one set to Pretty Fly for a Rabbi is probably the only one I watched in middle school that I still kind of love lol

high quality donkey kong posting.

This one‘s filled with a lot of spoilers (it basically summarizes the whole damn movie), but it’s the reason why I suddenly got interested in Five Star Stories.

Hitomi no naka no FAR AWAY is such a great song, and the movie itself is absolutely gorgeous. But the fantastical and sometimes wistful emotions from the song are conveyed so well with the video edits from the movie. God I love this song, and this video (and the movie in general).

Also I can't help but feel the last few notes of the song are a very deliberate nod to ELO's _Twilight_.

@“Jax”#p64162 this is great! though a part of me… wishes it was full rez, no bandicam logo. irony not necessary to enjoy this! (to be clear, i still did enjoy this. its very good!)

@"exodus"#p64163 interesting how it lip syncs all the vocals to pikachu... interesting... i don't think ive seen that in amvs before

@"Tradegood"#p64168 YEAHHHHH. i love that dbz one. i like how it doesn't focus on a particular place/time, just pulls all the high octane stuff from throughout the series. (also side note, youtube compression was killer back then)
I haven't seen cowboy beep boop and wanna see it, so i had to skip that one
The invader zim one... yes... amvs are not just for anime! for a month in 2020 i had a recurring daydream where i imagined the jojo op for part 3 over she ra footage.

@"hellomrkearns"#p64172 lmao

@"connrrr"#p64181 these feel like AMV Classic Style™. Raw emotional song put over raw emotional footage.

@"esper"#p64189 interesting how you put multiple series into one vid, including just a straight up live action scene. love how you sync up the sound effects

@"GigaSlime"#p64320 This whole time... i thought pretty fly for a white guy was the one made by weird al. huh.

@"thumpus"#p64350 oh my god... this... this feels like a real music video. great editing. a lot like the pikachu one earlier with the vocals almost completely sync'd up to the characters.

@"JJSignal"#p64351 wow, this movie looks beautiful. I will add it to my watchlist.

[ I gotta share this amv too. Took me a while to remember what the account was called.](

not a great one but this is what came to mind…


Had no idea what Evangelion was when I saw this, but the clips were sufficiently burned into my brain such that, when watching End of Eva years and years later, the triggered proustian recall of this AMV distracted a bit from the ||horrifying end of Episode 25'||


@“Flobby”#p64399 interesting how it lip syncs all the vocals to pikachu… interesting…

that's specifically what got me watching this video in 2001 or whenever, all the syncing and timing stuff.

this is the good stuff

Does the intro to The Nagano Tapes count?

@“rejj”#p64770 hell yeah


Uh oh

Whoa whoa whoa. This thread exists and there‘s no DBZ Dolphin’s Cry video? or DBZ Linkin Park? I mean they weren‘t good, so maybe that’s why.

probably the first one I saw (Gundam Wing - I need a Hero)

sticking with the music written by Jim Steinman, I do enjoy this one (Persona - Tonight is what it means to be Young)