Anybody else gettin God of War Ragnarök next week

I've been avoiding any news on it, definitely also avoiding looking around on the internet for it as best as I can as well, due to the full game leaking recently.

Review embargo is also lifting in about 20 hours from now, I think. I'm not expecting any surprises there.

I don't imagine there will be a rousing discussion in this thread, just based on how few people are talking about it here already! But it's definitely one of the bigger big releases this year and I'm sure there are at least a few of you out there...

no but I am interested in what you and potentially other people here will have to say about it.

I wrote a pre-review in that GOTY 2022 thread:


I mean, it’s not out until next week, but at this point I imagine God of War Ragnarök will be my GOTY, by default, sort of. I’m sure it will be crushingly competently made and you can take that to the bank, it being so at least equivalently to the previous entry is I think a pretty safe bet. But, that’s not exciting, that doesn’t make it earn it a GOTY, so, I think how impressive it will be overall will be how much or in what way it will iterate on the previous entry. Setting aside the fact that this will be narratively iterative and God of War (2018) certainly justified further iteration, and maybe it’s greedy to expect a sequel to anything to be better than the previous game, but you gotta hope that they had a reason to make another one beyond making more money without having to build a foundation for a game from the ground up. There were aspects of the previous game that felt, not half baked, but just a little bit underbaked or overcooked (aspects of the combat, economy, and character customization mainly), so I will be pleased if these aspects are even just moderately more refined.

Also I‘m just putting it out there that Sony Santa Monica can’t troll me, this and the 2018 game are obviously not going to be a duology. You don‘t need to have read no Eddas to know that there’s a hot way to do this that would involve lampshading this game as being somehow a concluding entry in the narrative they'd laid down, then doing a bait and switch.

I’m planning on picking it up next week, I’ve held off on starting any new games over the last few weeks because of this one.

Definitely excited to see this running on the PS5, especially considering it’s the remaining Playstation Exclusive game that I’ve been looking forward too. After this, I’m not sure Sony has any upcoming releases that I’m interested in…my PS5 might only get used for GT7 after this.


@“fetus8”#p91081 Definitely excited to see this running on the PS5

Yeah. Before the world famous coronavirus pandemic, this felt like it was gonna be the first heavy hitting PS5 exclusive, but even still, I suppose even if the pivot to generation inclusivity will somehow have some sort of compromising effect on the PS5 version's graphical fidelity, it's something only people who work at Sony Santa Monica are going to really know about. So I'm definitely excited to see The Graphics, hopefully also the Good Frames.

I didn‘t play God of War until last summer, but I loved it. One of the best games I played last year and maybe the only big AAA game I’ve played in recent years that I thought was great.

Have avoided learning anything about the sequel and probably won't get it next week but will eventually play the hell out of it.

All I gotta say about the new god of war stuff is fool me once shame on you, fool me twice you can‘t fool me again, and I won’t be buying it :3

Strap, tape, or bolt your jaws to your skull before reading the following, folks–the reviews are good for a high profile sequel

I played the very first God of War for the PS2 and was completely and entirely turned off by the aesthetic and the gameplay, and I‘ve never gone back to the series, even with the big reboot from a few years back. I’m not trying to take anything away from folks who are excited (and I‘ve even seen some folks on another online community I’m part of say Kratos is their favourite game character ever… and… wow, lol), but it's just not for me.

So I think I'm going to pass, even though it would be one more PS5 exclusive to play, because I legit can't think of any way the new game could make me care about the franchise.

@“Gaagaagiins”#p91156 The reviews are shockingly good. I'm only looking at the OpenCritic page and not diving deeper in, but I am sure ready to play this one.

Also there's *6* graphics modes on PS5??!

not going to play it but hoping it ends with Kratos meeting Jesus, converting to Christianity, and renouncing violence

or Muhammad would be fine too

@“yeso”#p91167 biblical era kratos would be kind of fun ngl

Samson is a bit like kratos

When you want to alert to the mods that two posters are entering a sympathetic prophetic trance together again, but one of them IS the mod…

@“yeso”#p91167 Kratos vs the old pagan idol gods of the desert as he spreads the word of Islam is not a terrible idea. (I mean yes, it is a terrible idea but it makes some sort of sense to me at this particular moment.)


@“Karasu”#p91159 say Kratos is their favourite game character ever

I suppose it is possible they have only ever played exactly one video game, and thus by default this would _have_ to be their stance...

@“rejj”#p91184 Honestly I was so put off by the first game that if it had been the only video game I‘d ever played I’d maybe decide I didn‘t actually like video games, but I can’t speak for those folks.

But it's really up there with "I play tons of video games. My favourite is Madden 20XX."

I want to play Ragnarök at 60 FPS on my PS5 and was under the impression that it would be exclusive to that next generation version. I’ve come to find out that the PS4 Pro version has an unlocked performance mode which would most assuredly hit a locked 60 if I played it via backwards compatibility on the PS5. This means that version is $10 cheaper, can be played on my external storage as opposed to the SSD, and is 60 FPS.

I’ll just wait to get the PS4 version used as I will instead be getting Sonic Frontiers which comes out a day before Ragnarök lol.