anyone in sydney? i'm having a experimental games party on saturday! (it was a success!)

hello ic people!

i'm a part of a collective called serenade and we run pop-up exhibitions and parties for the more experimental and weirder games.

if anyone here will be in sydney this weekend, we are doing an event on february 17th!


there will be games to play, talks to watch and a dj to listen to

I'm pretty new to the forum so I'm not sure who this would be relevant to but hopefully it reaches someone!


@“dinopoke”#p152592 This looks cool! There‘s a couple australians here but I’m not sure what part of the country they're in.

Not sure if the OP will read this, but this is actually such a cool idea. Wondering how it went?

Would be up to organize something similar where I live (Vienna)


Sounds cool, I’m in Melbourne though :(

Sorry, I just saw this. It went pretty well! There were a lot more people than I had expected. We had a few talks and they were the highlight for me! Some pics:

Someone made a video of the event:


We actually have something coming up in a couple weeks in conjunction with the Freeplay Independent Games Festival (! We haven’t announced it yet but it will be at the Sabby Gallery ( on Tuesday 4th June.