Insert Credit Forums Remake Feb. 2024 edition

### Insert Credit Forums Remake

February 2024
state of the forum address


Welcome to the first Insert Credit Forums Remake! Sorry for posting this a bit late; let’s uh, call it growing pains, uh… Hopefully this whole thing will make enough sense on its own, but in short: the goal is to be a newspaper, periodical-type thing posted every month,* summarizing the forum’s activities and ongoings, with some fun and shenanigans woven in. This being inaugural, I’ll explain what each section is for. (*I suspect the exact date will vary with my, uh, ability to not procrastinate, but I’ll aim for some time within the first 3 days of each month)

So, that covered, what exactly did happen here in this gosh-danged, hecked-up place??


### Forum Clubs

This section will detail what each club is up to, as well as what new clubs may have opened in the prior month.

  • - The monthly game club played _[Megaman Legends 2]( last month; opinions seemed mixed, with participants finding the game lovely and disappointing in different regards.
  • - This month’s game is _[Gribbly's Day Out](, a Commodore 64 title with a wonderfully British name, in which you rescue Gribblets while avoiding the monster Seon.
  • - A WARP ZONE game club has been started for _[LINDA^3](, now that an english patch of the game has been released. There’s some high expectations going in, _LINDA^3_ having built up a reputation, but will it meet them?
  • - captain has started a special [club]( that will be playing through Persona 3 in accordance with the in-game calendar; it won’t start until April 6/7, but you can sign up now.

  • ___


    If someone on the forums has done something fun deserving of mention, I might do a one off section about it! The World Frolfing Federation [tournament]( was held on leap day, with the aim of proving who the world’s best Ribbit King player is. The competition was intense, and the frogs leaped far, but in the end, the winner was none other than local forum user Funbil! Congratulations!


    ### Thread Spotlight

    In this section, I’ll spotlight an older thread.
    This month’s thread is [Let me tell you about Panekit!]( In it, MDS-02 wrote a wonderful introduction and overview for the obscure Playstation title Panekit. Not only is the game incredibly interesting, with complex sandbox systems predating many contemporary games, but MDS-02’s passion clearly shines through the in the depth of their coverage. Perhaps this thread would be interesting to revisit now that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has released; it and Panekit seem to have many parallels.


    ### Gossip Corner

    This section is an outlet to anonymously toss some goss… the forum just has so many rumours going around, so much hidden drama… whether it’s true, or whether it’s not, well, that hardly matters, does it? It’s all about the allure of the secret…
    It’s very possible user MoH is an independently wealthy globe trotting playboy
    Sources who are close to them have confirmed that forum user @"billy"#201 is in fact living a double life–their real name is in fact William
    An elusive forum poster is organizing the King of Iron Post tournament soon, and all posters will be invited to compete
    A prominent forum user who shall go unnamed has a third nipple… and it’s NOT who you think it is… because THEY actually LIED about having a third nipple (their climactic battle to the death is scheduled for a release window of Q1 of 2025–Please look forward to it!)
    *The Insert Credit Forums Remake does not take responsibility for any of the claims made in the "Gossip Corner"


    **New Threads**
    This section will list all the new threads of the last month, with a short summary of each. I’ll skip over the threads for episodes and game clubs; episode threads, because discussion usually dies down after a week given the weekly nature of the podcast, and game clubs, because I already mentioned them.
    This month: wizards, piracy, snacks, Playstation 2, and more!

  • - [Reccomendations for PS1 and 2 games for PAL region that are cheap? 🥺
    Recommend some cheap PS2-playable PAL games for newcomer Jade Fae, and the forum at large (also, to see the exact same way i typo recommend every single time without autocorrect)
  • - [Gimme Wizards](
    Give safety_lite (and the rest of us) some spell-flingin’, potion-brewin’, broom-flyin’ wizards (and other magic-usin’ folk)!
  • - [The Insert Credit Snacktime Thread](
    HeavenlyHalberd wants us to talk about what we munch and nibble on.
  • - [Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Discussion & Speculation Thread (SPOILERS)](
    captain splits off from the Final Fantasy thread to create a space to discuss the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth freely.
  • - [anyone in sydney? i'm having a experimental games party on saturday!](
    Well, I think this event, ran in part by newcomer dinopoke, already happened, but it looks to have been pretty cool!
  • - [The Visual Thread](
    yeso starts a thread to share neat video game (and video game-adjacent) artwork; only “The Good Stuff.”
  • - [‘Next objective randomiser’ aka the Jaffe method](
    Inspired by the Insert Credit Show Audio Magazine’s host, docky kicks off a discussion about the concept, and experiences of, randomly selecting goals and choices in video games.
  • - ["I Need to do X before I can do Y"](
    dixego asks about our compulsions to do things, like reading books or playing games, in a certain order.
  • - [The Ninth Art (that being comics)
    ]( opens up a place to talk about comics of all sorts not covered by existing threads.
  • - [Tomb Raider Remastered and Tank Controls](
    Newcomer Uli is a fan of tank controls in the Tomb Raider remasters, and wonders if you are too?
  • - [Cool Mastodon Accounts and Posts](
    Forum mod antilese announces the new Insert Credit Forums Mastodon account, and invites us to share other cool accounts.
  • - [a monthly insert credit forum news periodical?](
    the thread where i suggested this whole ordeal, to which you all said “sure,” and offered some feedback. i hope this meets any expectations that thread created…
  • - [Interesting Anti-Piracy Protection/Screens](
    hellomrkearns encourages us all to break copyright law and share the most interesting anti-piracy measures in games.
  • - [Depictions of Buddhism in games](
    saddleblasters wants us to share examples of Buddhism in video games (though I’m not sure whether the Buddha would play them…)
  • - [What does [INSERT GAME NAME] smell like?
    ]( thread started by whatsarobot for all the imaginative sniffers (and everyone else) out there, to share what they think games smell like.
  • Thank you for reading this inaugural post! Hopefully you enjoyed it or found it to be useful or some other form of net positive, at least. I know there’s still some stuff I have to figure out, and some things I might change for the next one; as well, I’m very open to feedback, about anything from the style, structure, content, or anything else regarding this idea; please let me know if you think this should be done differently!

    Oh wait, there is one thing left…


    ### Unofficial Forum Mascot for the Month

    This forum is great and all… but we have no one to represent us! No one to point to and say “that’s our guy!” No one to stand in for us in the grand arena of the greater internet!
    That’s where this section comes in. The first four forum-members who DM, private discussion, or otherwise secretly contact me with their pick for what fictional character should be the forum’s unofficial mascot for the next month, will have their pick put in a poll, like this one:
    Trico, from The Last Guardian
    [img width=100 img height=100]][IMG][/IMG]
    May, from Shining Force II
    [img width=100]][IMG][/IMG]
    Bub, from Bubble Bobble
    [img width=100 img height=100]][IMG][/IMG]
    Lying Down Merchant, from Final Fantasy 7
    [img width=100 img height=100]][IMG][/IMG]

    Place your vote now!

    the images are currently broken, give me a minute to fix them…

    hopefully this is good! i feel like i'm not the best at writing this style of thing, but maybe i'll get better over time? i'm open to the idea of other people helping, i'd just need to figure out what form that would take...

    @“NoJoTo”#p156096 This ruuuules! Great job!

    bub has the marketing cuteness, but may deserves her day in the sun

    Wow this is awesome and detailed! Nice job!! Expectations exceeded!

    Congrats @Funbil on the Frolfing!


    @“NoJoTo”#p156095 What does [INSERT GAME NAME] smell like?

    A thread started by whatsarobot for all the imaginative sniffers (and everyone else) out there, to share what they think games smell like.

    I guess you could say this forum has a _fifth_ sense for that kind of thing.

    I’ve been doxxed

    I'd like to vote for May but feel pretty much represented by the Lying Down Merchant

    Nice work NoJoTo

    [overlooked]( (adj.) _def._ Trico from The Last Guarfian

    Yes, great work NoJoTo, I love the idea and execution. Do let me know if you ever want a hand.

    @captain @antillese @Tomofthefog I know the quantity of pinned posts has always been a bit of a contentious topic, but I personally think the monthly newsletter deserves to be pinned for at least a week or two at the top of the month.


    I respect the May voters but how can I not vote for Lying Down Merchant

    @“Mnemogenic”#p156207 I voted for May, but I would be happy with LDM any day.

    This is great! And also very neat to learn that Funbil won the frolf tournament. That's Big News in my book.

    oo, I like this idea! provides a lot of good jumping in points

    thank you for making this! I only check the forum every few days so it's super useful!

    For the next gossip corner: I've heard through the grapevines that Frank DOES want us to buy him lewd mags.

    PS: This shit is bananas! You're doing journalism on the forum of a show of people who want to chill in between their bouts of journalism-adjacent work. It's an ouroboros of journalism!

    i wish there was a “thanks!” button in addition to a “like” button, because i‘d be usin’ it here; thanks for the kind response!


    [img height=130]][/img]

    Wow, today I learned green dude from Bubble Bobble is named Bub. I’m not sure how I’ve gone my whole life unaware of that. I played the NES game A LOT too. Well, despite this big revelation about Bub I voted for Laying Down Merchant. I’ve got Rebirth on the brain.

    Super cool! Thank you! Really adds to the community feel. Also a great guide for noobs like me.

    I've spent limited time on the 'net and with gaming over the past ten years due to various life things. So it's been very nice getting back into both in a way I wasn't sure was possible anymore.

    Thank you all for being cool!