Tomb Raider Remastered and Tank Controls

Currently in the middle of Tomb Raider 1 on the new remasters and loving this game (always loved old tomb raider games).

What I'm most enjoying and thinking right now is how tightly designed are these levels specifically around those tank controls. Played a bit on "modern controls" and felt awfull. Love the idea of good platforming and the danger of missing a step that has been lost on the newer entries.

I've grown playing with these controls and I know the limitation and frustration of tank controls but I feel like these a perfectly playable games. At least by adults. I get many comments of "unplayable" old games "needing" a remake so I wanted to ask.

Are you playing the new tomb raiders? What do you think or feel about these controls? There's no shame in loving the modern controls too


@“Uli”#p153623 Played a bit on “modern controls” and felt awfull.

“Modern controls” are always implemented so poorly in remakes/remasters that it’s always felt very “this is what you **wanted**, _right_?” to me lol. Like rubbing a dog’s nose in its own mess or making a kid smoke the whole pack. The camera-relative movement mode in the HD remaster of _Resident Evil_ (2002) specifically comes to mind. It is utterly unplayable. Potentially a pro-tank-controls psyop.

Haven‘t thought of that approach, thats definitely what happened here.

Now if it is a pro-tank-control psyop, at least I’ll not interfere with it.

I haven't played the Tom Braider remasters yet but I always play with tank controls if the game originally had them.

Side note; I subscribe to what Tim said on an old episode: they are not tank controls, they are driving controls. Tanks need two independent side by side movement inputs. Katamari has tank controls, Resident Evil does not.

I would go so far as to say that the classic Resident Evil controls (once they got quick turn) are the closest to a perfect control system that a non-Nintendo 3D action game has got. That is not to say that putting those controls into another game would work, but the harmony between the control method, the environment and the limited number of player verbs is sublime.

People are going to What About a load of different games but I'll argue that the simplicity of classics Resident Evil married with how involved in the world you feel exquisite.

Also going to add Lara with Tank controls has one of the best 3D swimming controls of all 3d games.


@“Chopemon”#p153645 Tanks need two independent side by side movement inputs. Katamari has tank controls, Resident Evil does not.

Honestly I used to think the term "Tank Controls" was based on the old Atari 2600 game Combat, in which when you played as a tank turned with left and right.
I know the game Tank in the arcade had two sticks, but I never played it so to me Tank Controls has always been what people usually call it now.

I can't be the only one like this... Right?

I could go either way! You do steer the character like a car, but I’ve never seen a car what can rotate 180 degrees on a dime

Tank controls are awesome

Mega man legends control Type B

King’s Field for life

I want modern 4K AAA tank controls? Maybe

Kings Field V in theatres soon

The babies who play with modern controls in a game designed for tank controls will all contract a disease which will lead to physical motor skill and mental elasticity handicap by grade 8. Their growth of character will be stunted and you know what else, frogs gonna rain down like the ten plagues of Egypt.

Tomb Raider on gameboy color is pretty cool check it out.


@“treefroggy”#p153653 Tomb Raider on gameboy color is pretty cool check it out.

I have a flash cart on my GBC so I have to play this

@“Uli”#p153623 I haven‘t booted up the remaster yet, but I revisited the original trilogy a couple weeks ago to gather footage. The original movement system and the grid-based world both being designed for each other is an excellent duet! They work together so well, especially in the first game. Where it starts to fall apart for me is the jump timing being connected to Lara’s run cycle, and when the second game starts asking you to do a whole bunch of combat. Sometimes you can do some incredibly sick aerial moves that feel unbelievably cool though!

@"treefroggy"#p153653 King's Field controls are perfect, I will hear no argument otherwise. While we're at it, I love bespoke control schemes in general! Gimme more stuff like Gun Valkyrie where I have to completely rewire my entire brain just to finish the first stage, imo. (This may read like snark, but I promise I mean it in all sincerity) And yeah that GBC game's pretty neat.

@“andrewelmore”#p153660 love how “irregular” within the grid constrains are the levels of the first one. A level of creativity that feels like a sequel

ok, may be answering my own question but that gameboy color tomb raider feels pretty much unplayable to me. I was all about weird controls but UP for jump may not be for me.

the loss of modern tank controls is a symptom of the loss of fixed-point camera angles and I would really really love if that were to come back. not every game needs the player to control the crane shot at every moment, gimme some expertly framed static locations again. tank controls got shut out too early by people who didn't appreciate them

like come on this is a classic for a reason

@“phylaxis”#p153667 not always for static cameras, I thought it was a good idea that Tomb Raider Remake had modern CAMERA controls on the right stick but when I started playing I didn’t need to move the camera once. It was always on the right place. I did use pov button when I needed it.

@“phylaxis”#p153668 those camera movements were crazy good

@“Uli”#p153669 I haven‘t played the og tomb raider since like the Clinton administration but I feel like the tank controls lent the game some methodical exactitude in how you positioned yourself, a la the original 80s prince of persia, flashback, etc, and were designed with that in mind. can’t imagine modern analog stick movement works as well in the original settings like that

I can get down with tank controls. I‘ve never played any of these before but I’m interested,

I've heard they're difficult — are they frustrating? Where does the difficulty come from? Obtuse puzzles? Figuring out where to go? Combat? Platforming?

The controls and animations are very deliberate but once you get used to them, you can backflip and somersault around enemies. When I played tomb Raider, I found the difficulty was sometimes labyrinthine levels and parsing the environment.

The remastered graphics have introduced a new difficulty aspect.


@“Chopemon”#p155330 The remastered graphics have introduced a new difficulty aspect.

by far the best part of these remaster is instantly switching back and forth between old and new graphics. It’s also a necessity to find some keys and helpful to figure out some paths.
The bad thing is that the old run at 30fps vs 60fps