Interesting Anti-Piracy Protection/Screens

I just encountered this one when playing Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku 2.

Apparently the game contains anti-piracy protection that will make it fail to run on "hardware" that contains SRAM.

In Arkham Asylum, Batman‘s cape doesn’t open for glide moves if you‘re playing a pirated version so you can’t complete the game.

Similar to the Arkham Asylum thing, Umihara Kawase DS had a piracy lockout mechanism where the fishing line would break off after playing for a short period and you just won‘t be able to finish any level. I experienced this firsthand and was confused, believing I just didn’t know how to play the game or that this DS rerelease still had the bugs that I heard the earlier PSP port had. Even in the tutorial cutscene showing how to use the fishing line as a grappling hook, you see the fishing line breaking off and Umihara just falling down a pit. Altho soon after, ppl figured out a patch for the pirated version to make it run properly.

playing a pirated copy of the Sims 4 makes the pixelation that you experience in the bathroom grow larger and larger the longer you play it.

Got this one trying to play a real copy of Dino Crisis on my friend‘s modded playstation. There’s an English version of it as well, but I remember it was in Japanese despite it being a North American copy.


wonder what happens if you call. Is that the police? you go to jail? a lawyer helps you sue whomever sold you the console?

My favorite one is from mario party ds

@“穴”#p154459 why are the Nintendo characters locked up? Did they pirate the software?

@“Uli”#p154455 looks like it was just Sony's support line at the time. lol I wonder if anyone called it for that reason.

@“tomjonjon”#p154463 They came to visit you in jail, and are horrified at what Nintendo's done to you.


Unfortunately this one's fake, but it is very funny.

There was a wave of creepypasta-ish fake anti-piracy screens going around on youtube in like 2020-2021, and this was the one that started the trend.

@“frog”#p154473 you just shattered my sense of reality…

@“frog”#p154473 these are so silly lolol kids tone down the VHS filters holy shit.

I remember that in Dragon Quest V on the DS, you could not get off the boat at the beginning of the game if you were playing a pirated copy. That sure was an infuriating way to learn about these sorts of anti-piracy measures, but I can look back on it and laugh now. And hey, it convinced me to buy a legit copy, which turned out to be one of my favourite video games of all time!

@“whatsarobot”#p154529 you beat me to it as I was searching for these posts

@“whatsarobot”#p154529 Dragon Quest VI had essentially the same idea, but adapted for its story. That game begins with your characters sitting around a campfire just before their big assault on the villain‘s castle, which sees them ride upon a dragon’s back in this big, showy spectacle of a scene…if you‘re playing on a legitimate copy of the game. If you’re playing on a pirated copy, that scene never transitions to the castle; it just hangs on where the spectacle ends.

I think I remember something about *Dragon Quest IV* having its own version of this trick where you're basically not allowed to leave the tutorial town at the beginning, but I'm not 100% certain like I am with *VI*.

Zelda just gets a blowout if you pirate OoT.

[size=9]and leaves your ass behind to die in the escape sequence of the crumbling Ganondorf Tower…[/size]

@"frog"#p154473 Ha! Okay, I ran into a bunch of these "anti-piracy" creepy pasta vids while looking for a clip of this — that's really funny.

I was researching 8-Bit computer classic Bruce Lee this weekend and the Commodore 64 version has an interesting infinite loop “bug” hidden in its code which is speculated to be an anti-piracy trick.