What does [INSERT GAME NAME] smell like?

Inspired by the lunacy shared by @tokucowboy, of Geoff Keighley tweeting something about “Human Exertion” scented DLC (???) over in the Extra Extra Gamer News thread, and then @“safety_lite”#521's excellently hot-hot question, “What does Tetris smell like?”…

We now have this here thread.

I'll start.

Tetris smells like...

  • - Rain-soaked concrete.
  • - Cold borscht and a side of stale rye bread.
  • - Tetris smells like _oppression_.
  • Assassin's Creed smells like subway bread. Universal, somewhat comforting flavor that brings down your guard at first, but then after about 5 minutes you feel bloated and regret the decisions that led up to it.

    Also you can't help but shake the feeling it was a lot better back before they started filling it with yoga mat chemicals and other artificial fillers.



    filling it with yoga mat chemicals

    lol i'm sorry what did you say


    @“safety_lite”#p155089 What does Tetris smell like?

    when it comes to smell I believe we can't generalize tetris into a single one. every version of tetris I've played has it's own distinct aroma in my mind. Out of the top of my mind:

    **_NES Tetris_**: wd-40 (industrial lubricant oil)
    **_Tetris DS_**: blue jolly rancher
    **_Gameboy Tetris_**: old moist wood
    **_Tengen Tetris_**: steel
    **_Tetris Effect_**: museum carpet
    **_Tetris The Grand Masters 3 Terror Instict_**: Compressed Air can blowing into PCB
    **_Tetris CDI:_** Big box electronics store (Fry's especifically) or beach resort.
    **_Puyo Puyo Tetris:_** Strawberry-Apple milkshake
    _**Sega Tetris**_: also beach resort



    NES Tetris: wd-40

    God. Yes. Perfect.

    Totally agree that each _Tetris_ has its own scent. The NES version is the one I had in mind when I responded, but your answer is way better.

    @“whatsarobot”#243 Ha! Thanks for making this.

    Chao Garden from _Sonic Adventure_: DMV, with notes of zoo and a mild citrus cleaning product.
    Chao Garden from _Sonic Advance_: Fresh cantaloupe.
    Chao Garden from _Sonic Adventure 2_: Heaven.


    @“whatsarobot”#p155094 lol i’m sorry what did you say

    It was a thing 10 years ago! https://abcnews.go.com/Health/subway-takes-chemical-sandwich-bread-protest/story?id=22373414 It was a little bit of social media hysteria (other mega processed foods are just as guilty for using it as a bleaching agent), but at the same time the comparison a loaf of subway bread and a yoga mat is very visceral.

    @“Tradegood”#p155098 I remember my parents stopped eating subway after this. it was a big deal!!!

    When I was 14 and I got the mother 3 gameboy micro deluxe box, I would wash my hands before playing it, so the smell of adoptive parent’s Christmas-flavor Johnson & Johnson hand soap gives strong memories of playing mother 3. I think it may be largely rosemary & peppermint combined.

    @“Tradegood”#p155098 Whoa! Good to know…!

    Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball smells like Jergens.

    Pre-console release Street Fighter II smells like a combination of a Slurpee, middle school bathroom cig/weed smoke, and a heavily fondled but never bought Lowrider magazine.

    Super Meatboy smells like a college dorm fridge at the end of Spring semester.

    _The Witness_ smells like a hotel “business center.”

    _Cave Story_ smells like a tall, powerful strawberry daiquiri.

    _Spelunky_ smells like dry earth, charred wood and snakes.

    it is young, but already, this thread is powerful

    Alien Soldier smells like a sweater worn more than 4 times and one of those times you were near a bonfire

    Splatoon smells like opening up a brand-new thing of Play-Doh while sharing a bag of Skittles with your best friend from grade school.

    Splatoon smells like the rich girl in grade school's pencil case.

    Edit: @"whatsarobot"#p155128 woah we were on the same wavelength. Yours is so true.

    @“Tradegood”#p155129 That is WILD. Did we just both think of those at the same time?? Yours is true too!


    @“safety_lite”#p155123 Cave Story smells like a tall, powerful strawberry daiquiri.

    I have never played this game but this description alone makes me want to try it

    From that early 2000s period when every game took place at the BEACH (feel free to riff off these, I have smells in mind but not sure I did a great job describing them):

    _Kingdom Hearts_: more of a Hawaiian than Caribbean smell - hot but not humid, relatively neutral. Sunscreen is the dominant smell, but it is pleasing and not overpowering. Coconut is present as well

    _Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker_: A more brine-y smell. It's not rank though - there's a lot of greenery around to take the bite out of the air and there's a bit of a grass smell as well. It's salty. Air tastes relatively wet

    _Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald_: Air is crisp and fresh, more reminiscent of the Mediterranean than any particular ocean. The air is not particularly warm. There's a hint of a rock/gravel smell

    _Final Fantasy X_: there's definitely the smell of the ocean, but the smell is also pretty herbaceous. Gardenias and other tropical flowers. The jungles provide a bit of a muddy undertone

    _Super Mario Sunshine_: kinda smells like notfun in here, yea?