Best Fashion in Video Games?

I haven‘t been on these forums for very long, so I’m not sure if this has been discussed before, but what VIDEO GAMES, do you think have the best in universe Fashion sense?

I'm into fashion as an observer, mostly, but I cant help but always take a very close notice of the clothing style, and fashion sense of in universe characters in Video Games. I don't have the large knowledge of games that it seems a lot of you here seem to have, so I'm very curious to see what you suggest. Japanese games in general seem to be better at this than western games though.

Splatoon 1 & 2! Absolutely the BEST ive ever seen in a game, without a doubt. With the huge amount of clothing and shoe variety in the game, you can make yourself really look exactly how you want. You can find examples of classic staples, like MA-1 Flight Jacket stand-ins, Reebok Pump Fury look-a-likes, to ACRONYM inspired jackets, which are just fantastic. Sneakers and Footwear, in particular, Splatoon does fantastic. Creepers, Dr. Martens, modern tech sneakers, Vans, Clarks Wallabees.

Basically, whoever designs the gear in Splatoon really knows Modern Japanese fashion, which makes sense.

the mod scene for the sims has an enormous amount of fashion-enthusiast participation

I have to agree with splatoon, the fashion is what kept me playing for so long. This post inspired me to thorw together this quick collage of the outfits I had photos of on my switch.

Also continuing the discussion, I thought the new Animal Crossing had some pretty good fashion options. Though, it has to be said it wasn't easy to get a wide selection of clothes.

don‘t know if it’s good fashion necessarily but cyberpunk 2077 is in part a streetwear/techwear simulator for a hypothetical player for whom it is no longer “age appropriate” to wear clothes like that, or maybe who has a “wife” who doesn't understand why a $400 and wander windbreaker is a justified purchase

I‘m a sucker for the Nomura’s chain/belt extravaganza in later Final Fantasy titles. This dude here's got a great video on the subject:

appart from that I also love the style of SFIII's characters

The T-shirt collection in No More Heroes was the first time I became very pleased by fashion in a video game. NMH came out when I first started thrifting random wacky shirts to wear every day. My personal favorite is the KING shirt. It‘s hard to find actual in-game images of all the shirts… Here’s a copy on redbubble.

I had several of the PANIC line of Katamari and Noby Noby Boy t-shirts back in the day. They were my favorite shirts of my whole life probably. They were super soft and comfy, and while they weren‘t in a video game, they were all designed by Keita Takahashi himself, so they totally count! I was wearing the light blue shirt with pink BOY on it when I got hit by a car, and I’ve saved the screen print by cutting it out to sew onto a quilt someday with other t-shirts… I was wearing the ostrich katamari shirt when I had strep throat and couldnt eat and lost 50 lb. I still have the FEELING shirt, it was way too large so i cut out the screen print to sew onto something else one day.

I‘m partial to Kazuma Kaneko’s designs for the older MegaTen games. He probably peaked with Persona 2 Batsu and I loathe the later sequels and their attempt to mimic his sleek, smart silhouettes.


@fugazi57#12499 i was coming in here to say the bouncer because of thorhighheels lmao


@treefroggy#12571 wow these are beautiful

@Just_Walli#12650 this was a special game lol

@Just_Walli#12650 YEAHH! Disaster Report does have the best fashion.

Anyone here know where there is a repository of all the unlockable shirts in NMH? That BEANS shirt from disaster report has the same energy as a lot of the shirts in NMH. OH! And Killer7, remember Travis, always having a different random phrase on his shirt each time you meet him?

Remember the one from NMH1 that says “MIAMI BASS”

NMH‘s shirts reminds me of the extra costumes in Silent Hill 3 (PS2 version). There were like two dozen shirts that were mostly game magazine tie-ins. Not a ton of variety but it was nice to have options in any game back then. And Heather’s white puffy vest + boots was a look, for sure.

She is

@bodydouble#12682 she is giving me some hardcore *Dido-Thank you* flashbacks.

Gotta love heather mason's ultimate fashion statement: wristwatch OVER the sweatband

Replaying Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life as an adult had me realizing how much I always liked Celia‘s Mori Girl style, and the main character’s y2k farm life aesthetic. Also Cody‘s character is like a lot of crusty punks I’ve known IRL. Total squatter who welds installations and wears bandanas and probably has been to burning man.