Big show change

So I posted this to the patreon yesterday but figure I should let the rest of the community here know as well. I'll present you with an edited version of what I told the patreon (edited so as to not refer to patreon so much basically):

You may have noticed that the last episode didn't have tim in it, and you will soon notice that the next one doesn't either. I wanted to address this once we actually really knew what was going on, but I figure I need to tell you all something sooner than later. The short version is tim appears to have quit the show!?

Basically, on the day of the last recording session, tim sent a message saying he's quitting, but didn't give any qualifiers or explanations. We didn't actually see the message until the show was over, though jaffe had said he didn't think tim would be there today. We don't have any info about why he's left or what he's feeling since we haven't been able to get in contact with him since! So far as we know there's no bad blood between us, the last episodes we did were all regular funtimes except for him being sick during the last episode we recorded. So it's all a big mystery, and we hope he's okay! But for now that's really all the information we have. He hasn't been back since, so for the time being we're assuming maybe he really has quit, and that we will have to figure out how to continue the show without him.

Anyway, that's all to say why we didn't mention it right away - we didn't know during the last episode, and for the next episode (already recorded, coming soon) we knew, but were hoping he'd just be like "lol nevermind" and get back in there. But it seems that's not the case, so here I am.

I won't pretend to be rosy about it, this has definitely got us pretty down, and I did even consider just shutting the show down, but that doesn't feel right to me now that I have thought about it for a week. We've built this robust forum community, which really was a big part of my decision. I wondered if people would like a slower-paced, deeper dive place to talk about games and the demand has absolutely exceeded my expectations. To shut down the show and leave the site unmoored would not feel good.

On top of that we've got the website ready to go, we have a great editor who's making those cool twitter videos, Jaffe is working hard on those questions, and besides, it took 5 months of work to even get the podcast back off the ground in the first place. It feels like it would be a waste to let it all go. And for several of our participants this show is also a not-insignificant portion of their monthly income.

So we're going to keep going, and I have a real desire to make this work, different though it may be. We don't know exactly what we're doing yet, but for the time being I want to share with you the best idea I've come up with. (Frank, jaffe, and esper are on board with the this assuming it goes well):

1) Jaffe will continue to host, and frank and I will continue to be on the show, and for now we'll just invite one different guest per week, focusing on those with whom we have the best rapport, or with whom we suspect we might. I think you'll see the next episode (where we bring back liz ryerson) has a lot of that chummy vibe that we want.

2) through this process we'll work toward a system where we rotate through a group of regular, consistent panelists, with the occasional "special" guest. The idea would be something like "1st week is X person, 2nd is Y person" and that would remain consistent across the months. Frank and me, three regulars who rotate, and a special guest. It's basically what Whose Line is it Anyway does!

3) with this format we'll feel more comfortable inviting some bigger name folks from journalism and the industry at large to join in on occasion because the show won't just be "three white dudes talking" most of the time.

To me the things that we need to work hardest to preserve are the camaraderie between people who have known each other for a long time, high level knowledge of game errata and obscurity, and media outside of games. So you'll see us trying to figure out who best represents these elements in the coming weeks. I really recognize that for a lot of folks this show is a nice and kind of necessary substitute for hanging out and talking with friends about games (or whatever!), and I want to keep providing that for people.

This may not wind up being the final format, but this is what we're trying! "Replacing" tim doesn't feel right (and frankly is impossible), but having a rotating cast might add some interesting spice to the show without having to think about "replacement."

I know that some folks came to the show from tim's videos in the first place, so if he was the main reason you listened to insert credit, we certainly understand if you need to change things up! We do hope folks who are enjoying the show and the community will stick around, and I think we can make something that really works, because the format is in many ways the star of the show. But it'll be different - the insert credit show has always been about me, tim, and frank butting heads with each other and then ultimately agreeing on stuff (or not), and there's no way to replicate that exact dynamic. But I do think that where we land will ultimately be pretty cool, though different.

And just to say, we were pretty blindsided by this, and are kinda thinking on our feet over here! So we appreciate your input as well.

I want to emphasize that we also would welcome tim back whenever, in case he decides to return! We hope this is just a rough patch he's going through and that he'll be back with the gang after a while. We really appreciate how great everyone in our little community has been so far, and hopefully we can all keep supporting each other going forward.

I'll also admit I didn't quite realize how many people were coming to the show from tim's videos, especially to the patreon, so I think going forward we're going to have to think about other vehicles to promote the show and get more eyeballs and earballs on us.

Anyway, we're gonna launch that website pretty soon and get some fun guests, so hopefully things will be looking up sooner than later!

Thanks for reading, let's just try our best!!!

[UPDATE:] Tim has gotten in touch with Jaffe and explained he has to step away for personal reasons, but there's no bad blood between us, and if things change over on his end he may be able to come back. So for now, we're just wishing him well and hoping for the best, and carrying on over here. I'll admit I still don't love how this happened but I am glad to at least know there's nothing interpersonally dramatic going on.

I mostly listen for Jaffe so not really too fazed

I like the idea of regular rotating guests, because a show with a completely new guest on each week loses a lot of the “comfort” that podcasts are kinda all about. It will be nice to be able to consistently know what “kind” of episode we‘ll be getting on a monthly basis, and then with that little fun surprise every at the end of the month. I think that’s a good idea.

Obviously, it really sucks that Tim decided to quit. Wish him the best - seems he has quite a few things on his plate. It would be nice if he could still appear every once in a while, if that works out for everyone.

Happy that the show is continuing forward, and the forums of course, and I look forward to the website!


@wickedcestus#18685 It will be nice to be able to consistently know what “kind” of episode we’ll be getting on a monthly basis, and then with that little fun surprise every at the end of the month.

Yeah, that's the plan - hopefully it'll actually work out that way as we figure it out! and for me personally I want at least one other person on the show who knows a bunch about japanese game obscurities, so... that'll be a goal of mine!

I did come to the show from Tim's videos, but I do like hanging out here! Sounds like a good plan moving forward. It is nice when there are some new voices on the show.

Still love the show and hope everything is well for Tim.


the people have spoken. we want More Jaffe

i‘ve already said what i wanted to say on the patreon post, but i’m excited for the future of the show and as someone who is here because of tim, i'm more than willing to continue giving my support and listen to new episodes

edit: not to get too personal, but i have been the person who has dropped out of a podcast before because i wasn't doing well and i did not do it in the best ways. looking back at it now, i wish i would had done things differently, but i also understand why the other people on the show were hurt by it too and we ultimately parted ways. i just hope that whatever situation tim is in gets better and judging from the write-up, it seems like the rest of the cast already have a plan in mind to move forward (which is awesome)

@golok#18692 i need to get one of these supporter badges

I‘m surprised to hear about this, but I’m glad that IC is moving forward. I was introduced to IC through Tim‘s videos, but it’s become my favorite podcast, and it'd be a real bummer to lose it just because Tim dropped out.

@golok#18692 deal, i'll edit everyone else out from now on.

I did also come for Tim, but wouldn't have stayed if not for all the other good pod boys. <3

wouldn't suggest totally re-engineering the format of the show, but would it be an alright idea to do some interview shows or segments? Lots of interesting games people out there, but I imagine only so many are a fit for the pace/style (blessed as it is) of the show. Just thinking

like so many people, (although i had visited the original Insert Credit website a few times, years and years ago,) i found out about the podcast through becoming familiar with Tim‘s work early on at Kotaku, i’ve enjoyed listening and re-listening to episodes over the last three years, and the resurgence of the podcast has been one of the major sources of light in my life over the last nightmarish twelve months. I will of course continue to listen and to patronize, but it is such a huge bummer – and i‘m sorry if it’s inappropriate to grouse about this, but i‘ve been genuinely pretty disappointed since i read the post last night – to see Tim end things like this, so coldly and suddenly after all these years, and particularly knowing that you have been taking the podcast and the IC website/forum so seriously. i know Tim’s been incredibly poor health over the last several years and is in basically constant pain, and he makes it sound like he's been working consistent eighteen hour days for the last year or so, coupled of course with the covid isolation and everything else. i do seriously hope that he is okay. i suppose my strongest emotion in response to this is worry for him, rather than for the podcast. i look forward to the future of the show and will continue to look forward to getting the notification of new episodes every sunday evening. my favorite treat of the week. best of luck, Brandon, Frank & Jaffe. sending love.

@yeso#18704 if we were gonna do something like interviews I think that‘d be an entirely new show (maybe a once off series?). Once the new site is up (I’m the one delaying that!) we‘re gonna be looking at doing more things. I think it’s totally in the realm of possibility that there are multiple shows some time in the future.


@Cheddahz#18693 i need to get one of these supporter badges

Maybe we should post about this on the patreon again to make sure that everyone who's pledging at the $10 level has this - I'm not sure they're all even in the forum though!

@yeso I've been thinking about doing interviews as an insert credit gaiden sort of thing, in large part because I miss doing interviews!! so: maybe I willlllllll

@crumble yeah, I don't want to be too down on tim but we are all kind of uncertain of what's going on, which has us feeling pretty weird! like did we do something? did I do something? Is it his heath? etc. we just don't know, and that's one of the weirder parts of this I guess. I hope it's just he felt he didn't have time but didn't feel like explaining it, or something!

@exodus#18711 To bring it back to an older episode of the show. It would be interesting or example to have a show that is getting developers on to talk about speed runs of their game and explain what they think of happening. This is something you suggested many years ago. (It happens for some speed runs but it‘s not very common and a lot of the people who do these speed runs generally don’t have the access to make this happen)

I like the idea of rotating members and special guests! I am excited to see this show mutate in whatever form that may be!

(so long as it includes Jaffe's wonderful hosting)

This sucks! As listeners, it sucks to see 1/4th of the perfect podcast leave, but as the creators, I'm sure you guys are scrambling and really trying to make things work and (not to speak for everyone) we all thank you guys a ton for that.

I love the idea of rotating guests and think it would make for a pretty interesting format. I also LOVE the idea of more in-depth discussion of the behind-the-scenes of games. For me, it's always interesting whenever a conversation pops up about weird development stuff, but the format doesn't really leave room for those stories to be told fully. I might just be imagining a different podcast, but more of the gangs expertise and experience being discussed would be fantastic.

Either way, thanks for keeping the podcast going. Between the episodes and this lovely forum community, Insert Credit is a real treasure.

oh no :confused:

i really hope he's ok!

good call with the show, i feel like it's been picking up steam since the relaunch and it would be a waste to stop now. the plan sounds good, though it will take some getting used to.

i absolutely approve of more Jaffe! maybe the host role could be more flexible from now on? like everyone gets to propose some questions every week? and Jaffe can be a part of the discussion! could be fun.

hopefully you'll find out what happened soon, it's an uncomfortable position to be in.


Sad to hear that Tim is leaving since he is what brought me to the show and by proxy the forums, but I really enjoy listening and I will keep doing so on my commute to work. The new changes sound cool, looking forward to hearing how it turns out.