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20 years into the 21st century, the pace and quantity of stuff we’re exposed to is hard to keep up with and we all have to accept missing out on a portion of it we’d love because it never comes to our attention. No more! What are some cool things you know about that may not be common knowledge? Could be sites, videos, niche subcultures, whatever.

I mean this as a thematic opposite to the tough sells thead, though I can’t figure a witty way to phrase that; so, I would prefer things that are free and take little commitment to see if you’re interested, for maximum checkoutability.

For example:

This blog has been taking on the impossible task of playing and reviewing every CRPG ever released in chronological order, and they've made it to the 90s: is a little repository of ancient newsgroup posts and feel remarkably prescient/contemporary

The patches for SH2, FF7, and Dark Souls exemplifies times I‘m jealous of PC gamers. owns and being reminded of it now makes me think I need to google “dungeon crawlers forum”, pick one, and go frog it up cause that’s where I belong.

@Jtwo that site is awesome thanks for sharing

I could probably just dump my entire bookmarks folder in this thread?? I don't exactly understand but here's a decent blog!

Here is database of Japanese video game songs. Not complete but eye popping mind boggling. Great for searching songs on youtube or nicovideo.

There might be other/better sites that do the same thing, but recently I started using this website to check what gear musicians I like use:

It's especially useful for effects pedals and the like, since it's hard to identify those in videos unless you really know your stuff. It's also nice for (well known) non-English speaking bands, since other obsessive fans who speak whatever the language in question is better than I ever will have already done the work of reading/watching through every interview and documenting any equipment that is referenced.

(It will try to convince you to register, but you can just click past all that and use it without an account.)

This weird multiverse simulator. I just click on it when I‘m bored. You’ll find some really interesting stuff here.

iskur's guide to electronic music

@yeso#15452 Oh man, Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music is responsible for sowing the seeds that would lead to 90% of my current taste in music. I spent such an enormous amount of time with it when I was </s>~13-14.

@saddleblasters#15455 he is doing The Lord's work

also worth clicking through to his mixes. Anyone recognize the profile picture? should ishkur post on this forum?

Jacob Berendes' websites have a lot of interesting writing and cool stuff in them. Fujichia is a spooky castle. :0

@yeso#15459 yeah, i wasn‘t aware he revived the guide until you posted the link. i’m kind of blown away with how much he‘s added. i guess i’ll be spending the rest of the weekend looking through it

@yeso#15452 this is fucking gold, all of the internet should be like this



I'm sure Ishkur would feel right at home here

they should invite ishkur on the podcast

for the topic:

archive of Richard Diebenkorn sketchbooks:

and his works proper all archived here:

excellent (not representative of contemporary art genius richard d)


@milo#15449 I found this years ago (i was in college!!!) and have thought about it probably once a month ever since, and now here it is. thank you!!

Video game maps to fly and look around in. Dark Souls 1 collision data is a must, if you're a fan.

@Syzygy#15307 As long as we're linking sites like this, I might as well mention the places I stumble across a lot of obscure games. (I stumbled across this one last night.)

I may be forgetting a few. Also, to add onto the theme @MichaelDMcGrath#15290 and @Syzygy#15307 have been developing, I'd recommend [The Digital Antiquarian](