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@“yeso”#p157894 As per last months' #MonkMindset Newsletter:


Wondering if he'll mention Trappist Beer at any point.

the year is 2035. armed militia units of opus dei are patrolling vatican city. pope wahlberg rules with an iron fist. being poor is now a mortal sin. the caravaggios have been replaced by thomas kinkades.

yet somewhere out there, a sleeper cell of #monkmindset insurgents is praying for 5-10 minutes, preparing for dialogue.

@“Viralata”#p157906 thanks for following up. Credit where it’s due, they do indeed have praying there don’t they

Saw this and had to know what the deal was.

Clicking on it takes you to a form with some information.


It's giving mesothelioma vibes, but for video games.

oh my god lol

First ad I got in San Francisco.


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what’s up with dollar store jason momoa?

Their faces have been all Aphex Twind

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