CLIVE-A-ƎVI⅃Ɔ: Final Fantasy XVI(⅃Ɔ) Release Thread (TAG ALL SPOILERS)

The LIVE-A-ƎVI⅃ joke comes courtesy of connrr, for posterity's sake.

I suppose technically the Clives of June are upon us as many of us have actually already played the beginning of the game, thanks to the demo being just that, the beginning of the game. And a substantial one at that!

It's gonna be a big one... it's hard not to feel like this is a pivotal release for the franchise. I think it's fair to say that _Final Fantasy_ is too big to fail at this point, but, is this gonna be a critical and popular return to form? Signs point to "probably, but it depends on what the rest of the game is like."

I'll be getting it either midnight on launch day or in the morning for sure.

Only one thing is for certain!!

Clive is the hottest _Final Fantasy_ Man whose name does not rhyme with Garrett Flawless

I am simply sitting here hoping that I like this game.

Clive is very strokeable.

They finally doin it

700 recession era dollarydoinks to play the next Final Fantasy. Heckin dang lads. DANG.

That demo!!! This is gonna be good

@“Gaagaagiins”#p120072 i’m not into men but i still think i can say he isn’t that hot

he just kinda looks like a really boring person to me, i dunno

oh wait i missed the fire in his staff thing, i guess that makes him hot

@“NoJoTo”#p120099 i demand to know who your hottest ff boy is

the 154th game will be Final Fantasy CLIV

@“Reverse Kaiser”#p120103 i’ve barely played any final fantasy games, so this is based solely on the few video clips and such i’ve seen of the games:

i guess… like, sephiroth? the final fantasy 10 guy is goofy, and if i were forced at gunpoint to pick one to befriend/date, i guess i’d choose him or the magic guy from final fantasy 6 who has a cool bedtime-lookin’ hat (because that hat is really cool), but in terms of hotness, sephiroth probably wins, i dunno

@“NoJoTo”#p120131 wait do any of them die in fire or lava? i’ll change my answer to whoever that is


@“NoJoTo”#p120131 the magic guy from final fantasy 6 who has a cool bedtime-lookin’ hat (because that hat is really cool)

??? Gogo?

Posting here in this thread that the thick man in FFXVI is basically Guy from FFII. Clive is probably meant to be Jon Snow.

@“treefroggy”#p120136 dante+john wick seems more accurate but i find GoT to be very boring

@“connrrr”#p120134 i had to google for this, but i meant locke cole (upon closer inspection, that hat is not a bunch of stars (or even a hat, it's a bandana), and so is not bedtime-y, but is still cool as heck )

Hottest FF protagonists (male):

  • - Sonon Kusakabe
  • - Balthier mied Bunansa
  • - Noctis "Noct" Lucis Caelem
  • - Faris Scherwiz
  • - Kain Highwind
  • - Snow Villiers
  • In terms of baddies, Seifer & Rufus Shinra can get it


    @“NoJoTo”#p120099 i’m not into men but i still think i can say he isn’t that hot

    Well, you see, I'm not sexually attracted to men either, and I don't have too much emotionally invested in this, but... oh... hold on... I'm getting a phone call. One moment.

    Hmm... I see.

    That was your optometrist on the phone @"NoJoTo"#751 , they're wondering if you should come in to get an eye exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @“Tradegood”#p120147 Snow Villiers

    Controversial, but correct... Snow is hot


    @“NoJoTo”#p120131 i guess… like, sephiroth?

    Ok true though Sephiroth is hot

    When's this game out anyway. Week from right now?