CLIVE-A-ƎVI⅃Ɔ: Final Fantasy XVI(⅃Ɔ) Release Thread (TAG ALL SPOILERS)

@“Gaagaagiins”#p120152 yeah, I mean I‘d make him shave the beard. But we’ve been on a journey together and the way he loves Serah elevates him.

Can someone who uses Photoshop or has that app take this picture of our beloved Clive and give him that funny yassified FaceTune smile, it would make me laugh ever so much


The Beckham Quotient is very high in this game.

My top hotties (male) in no order:

  • - Clive Rosfield
  • - Kiros Seagill
  • - Snow Villiers (XIII and LR)
  • - Astos (SoPFFO)
  • - ~~Nooj, maybe?~~ **Al-Cid Margrace**
  • - Bartz Klauser

    If we are talking villains: Ravus Nox Fleuret, Kuja, Vayne Carudas Solidor and Gabranth for sure.

    I forgot Laertes was a villain too lol.

    @“connrrr”#p120175 ooh yeah I forgot Vayne, definitely a top hottie. Also, Vaan is a cute twink but his brother Reks was the femboy protagonist the game needed.

    [URL=][IMG height=300][/IMG][/URL]

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p120151 hey listen gaagaagiins, hope you‘re not feeling too clever, because i don’t need another eye exam to know that i have amblyopia!

    [size=20]and amblyopia only affects one eye!!! my other eye can see just fine!!! and it is from that eye that i judge one's hotness!!!


    oh wait, who's that? gaagaagiins, your astronomer is calling, wondering if you recently went to jupiter to get more stupider!!

    @“Tradegood”#p120176 that really is a Femboy Hooters pose omg.

    Also: I've spent too much time thinking about this but I had to mention that I somehow forgot Al-Cid Margrace too.


    @"NoJoTo"#p120177 *things are heating up!!!!*

    @“connrrr”#p120179 I remember someone in the GameFAQs forum for FFXII once referred to Al-Cid as Space Borat and now that's all I can think when I hear his voice.

    @“Tradegood”#p120182 lol I like his accent, but it definitely sounds more affected than the rest of the cast's!

    @“connrrr”#p120183 his accent is great! The VA ate up that role!!

    Also anyone else think it's funny picturing a new forumgoer coming to this thread looking for tips on how to beat an adamantoise or whatever and it's just 50 posts like "why is Cecil daddy tho? 😭" [URL=][IMG height=50][/IMG][/URL]

    @“Tradegood”#p120186 this energy is all I can offer until I get a PS5. Cecil's transition timeline is #transpirational #PossibilityModel.

    @“Tradegood”#p120186 Came to this thread to put a vote in for Cecil


    @“NoJoTo”#p120177 oh wait, who’s that? gaagaagiins, your astronomer is calling, wondering if you recently went to jupiter to get more stupider!!

    she told me she was going to call you to ask about college (to get more knowledge)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Really makin me do this. okay. Without divulging which ones are literally me, my boyfriend, or my best friend:

  • - Astos
  • - Locke
  • - Auron
  • - Ignis
  • - Squall
  • - Basch
  • - Skelly Basch
  • - Jack Garland
  • - Barret

    I‘m playing through the demo. Looks very pretty, lots of proper nouns. Combat felt like the new god of war games: mash attack button until it’s time to press the dodge button, then repeat. There‘s even an ability tree to spend your ability points on moves that look boring and I’m not given any incentive to do anything other than “mash square until it's time to dodge”.

    I'm gonna finish the demo in hopes of seeing something interesting, but I'm not that impressed so far.

    this game looks awesome. I will play it. but I should probably not buy a PS5 just to play it, nor am I probably even ready to play it if I were able to.

    But it seems like there‘s a lot of awesome stuff.

    Hopefully I won’t be spoiled by youtube thumbnails constantly.

    @“treefroggy”#p120274 physical copies are already showing up places so time to be vigilant :saluting_face: