Comradery by way of PUNCHING- The Street Fighter 6 Club Thread

Did you buy Street Fighter 6? Do you like punching your friends? Do you want to avoid spending hours in training mode to only play complete strangers on the internet?


Or at least, join it as soon as I make it. This thread is to:

  • 1. Organize the parameters of our club- When it's active, max player count, etc.
  • 2. Plan tournaments, events, streams, and assign roles within the club
  • First off,
    When do we want to be active? Go ahead and respond with the poll. Most likely, I'll have it set up so we can use the club whenever (I don't think there's a downside to this) but I would like to treat the club as an "online meet-up" that we would treat like a local. Pretty much, I want to establish a time during the week where we run tournaments, have casuals, and in general hang out and talk about fighting games or specifically Street Fighter.
    ALSO! If you'd like to be a subleader for the club, let me know. The subleader will be able to invite other players, accept players into the club, and reject or kick out players that we don't want in the club any longer (not too worried about that last part). It would also be super if a subleader had a decent streaming set-up (or really any ability to stream and is willing), and/or was west coast in case a tournament goes super long and I gotta sleep.

    Lemme know what y'all think!! Looking forward to punching all of you!

    EDIT: This thread is also where I'd like for us to decide what our club's name is. We can call it "InsertCredit" if we want, but anything is on the table. Has to be at least 4 characters long, and no longer than 15 characters.

    I voted Monday but I‘m mostly agnostic about the when as I’ll be joining at like, 1am anyway.

    As for club name, perhaps something like IC Dirtbags would be suitable as a starter for ten.

    Woohoo, thanks tubb! I voted thurs, but my schedule tends to be all over the place so I’ll go along with whatever.

    Love “IC Dirtbags,” though with the understanding that even those who reach into the dirtbag are invited to join :D

    I love punching people! Especially my friends! You have my axe command grab.

    Time wise weekends are best but I'll try to squirrel away SF6 time whenever.

    I have been on the fence about SF6 - can someone explain what a club is? Is it part of the game?

    @“tomjonjon”#p118872 It‘s very similar to the clan system in Halo II or Guilds in WoW. Essentially, it’s the game providing a system to simplify getting larger groups of players together that play often. For example, instead of having to create a private room every time we all want to get together to play, we'd just open the room tied to the club, no passwords necessary, and no risk of random people coming in.

    PLUS you get a T-Shirt with the logo on it for your avatar, which the the important thing.

    EDIT: I'll add that if you have an interest in Fighting Games, there isn't a better time to hop on than now. SF6 is very approachable, have dozens of hours of pretty solid single player content, great netcode and a large player base, and is just getting started.
    There won't be a better opportunity to dip your toes into virtual punching probably until project L comes out, whenever that may be.

    @“KingTubb”#p118878 Despite my very basic fighting game skills and the fact that I need a new game like a hole in my head, I think I'll pick up a copy today. Thanks for the explanation!

    Speaking of relative skill, I think it goes without saying this is a “for fun” group that is welcoming to any and all players. I‘m also planning on organizing beginner “friendlier” tournaments with rules or limitations. For example, I really want to have a “sweep or throw” tournament, where your only options are either to sweep (down roundhouse) or throw (normal throws only). Stuff like random select, dynamic controls, modern controls, and “EVERYONE PLAYS ZANGIEF” tournaments are also things I’d like to try.

    ~(In my best Tim voice…) Street Fighter 6 is real good duuuuude!

    Thank you very much for organizing this club so I do not have to! Put it up. Let me join it. Let me help you... "feel the beat".


    Yeah really cannot stress enough that if you have played a fighting game ever and thought nah this ain‘t for me, this is the one to change your mind. They finally figured out a way to do simpler normal-controller-centric controls in a way that’s balanced with old school quartercircle stick-centric controls. They finally have a bunch of single player content that actually helps you learn the game. They finally have good netcode. They finally have a super robust training mode. This is the best presented fighting game I‘ve ever played and it’s not remotely close.

    Just to echo what others have said:

    I dove into fighting games hard with SF5. I've put time into basically every release (and a handful of older games) since then and SF6 has one of the best overall systems I've personally played.

    There is a lot of info one can try to digest but like any other game you can build up the layers as you go along rather than trying to drink from the fire hose. The fundamentals are pretty straightforward and as TracyD said Modern is one of the best control schemes of its kind I've seen implemented.

    It's a fun time. Looking forward to playing with folks.


    @“TracyDMcGrath”#p118911 This is the best presented fighting game I’ve ever played and it’s not remotely close.

    I may argue _-STRIVE-_ with you, but it would be arguing with friends on the forum and we'd both be splitting hairs and/or picking nits. They are both superb in terms of their presentation.

    Nice :sunglasses: I‘ve been meaning to join a club, can’t wait! Just out of curiosity, what‘s everyone’s skill level? I have decent experience with fighting games but still feel like a total beginner.

    I just played the demo for a bit it’s FUN. I’ll probably get the game and join the club. One question - there don’t seem to be a ton of characters, does anyone know if they are planning on adding more?

    I‘m in. Let’s mash!

    @"mindleftbody"#p118923 yeah the first four dlc characters have been announced. Seems their plan is to release one every 3 months or so

    @“frog”#p118922 I think you'll fit right in perfectly unless Pattheflip shows up and ragdolls us all.

    @“mindleftbody”#p118923 For reference SF5 launched with I think 16 chars and they are in the 40s now after like 5 years of DLCs waves. So yeah the roster should bulk out nicely over time.

    Zardoz willing I'll get Poison back.

    Tempted to try the demo but at the same time, I think I may just be done with fighting games. I just don’t have the time to put into them anymore, and as a result, I immediately get my ass handed to me in online play by a bunch of folks who put 24 hours of practice in on the first day. I can at best do an hour a day, and it just never works out. Then I have a bunch of online diehard friends who will be like ‘come play, we all suck too’, only to have them utterly demolish me in every match. It was the exact same way with 4 and 5, and with like 6 iterations of Guilty Gear, so I think I’ve finally learned my lesson, lol. It’s just no fun to lose every single match!

    I’m still here for the well done character designs! It looks like they took a cue from the pushback 5 got for its aesthetic early on!

    @“antillese”#p118917 Strive is the prettier game, but

  • 1. I've waited for like 15 minutes to get past the connect to server messages.
  • 2. I didn't even realize there was a combo trial in the game, the menus are kind of wonky.
  • 3. Couple things about the game (the changes to the combo system, the timing of reversals, the wild camera movements and hitstops on counters) really rub me the wrong way.
  • That being said, probably the best looking video game full stop, and very fun to play.


    Just search “ICDirtbags” and you should find us. I’ll accept anyone that requests, go ahead and post in here with your username when you ask to join so I know who it is!