Cute disc based gimmicks

Unsure how to phrase sorry

Saw this tweet recently highlighting a cute warning if you put the disc in the wrong drive

Symphony of the Night has a similar, in character message which is really good!

What other disc based games do similar stuff?

Sooooo many of them do it. I was thinking of going through my games and making a little list. that game warnings twitter has a bunch of them, but doesn‘t specifically call out the drama oriented ones, so… maybe I’ll start a list, then share it here, and then we can all update it collectively?

@exodus#10057 Nice! knew I could count on someone starting this thread. Here's a few from the Game Warnings Twitter to keep the momentum. “Track 1 Warnings” seems to be a good descriptor for these things.

This Sega CD one is interesting. I know from personal experience that they used this exact same message on at least one Sega Saturn game (Titan Wars, PAL release).

Here's a video about the PC CD version of Zool, and about CDs in general.

What I really want to know is, has any band ever put out a CD that is secretly a Saturn game???

@hellomrkearns#10061 oh dang this is exactly what I wanted thank you so much I love this

@saddleblasters#10062 [Akumajyo Dracula Peke]( is kinda similar !

Its a game that plays if you try to play Rondo of Blood with the wrong system card on a PC engine which is also adorable !!
I am also remembering this semi related thread about media player, cleaning tapes and discs which is a neat related topic

that VHS cleaner thread is cool and was also SUPER BAFFLING to me because I legit had multiple VHS headcleaners and none of them EVER had any visuals or sound. Just words on the package saying “play this for 15 seconds and don't rewind it.”

Yo, translator from the original tweet here! I never knew how common it was for games to have these messages! I just put the Madou Monogatari game disc into my computer so I could see if the text script was accessible and windows helpfully asked if I wanted to play it as a music CD. Several people have been posting other instances they knew of, so I peaked around my other Saturn/Dreamcast games as well. So far:

  • - Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon has a more normal version of Arle asking you to put the disc in a Sega Saturn
  • - Magic Knight Rayearth (JP version) has the mascot making noises with the lead heroine translating for them
  • - Airs Adventure plays the main overture theme
  • - Nanatsu no Hikan (Seven Mansions) has Kei and Reina advising you not to play the game in a CD, followed by both of them saying "We'll see you in the main game!"
  • - Evangelion has one character going "Stop! You have to put this disc in a Saturn!" followed by the main title number and an outtake of the first message
  • - FIST has the entire OST. It's better than the game by far.
  • - Shining Wisdom has a jingle
  • - Sakura Wars has an extensive warning of the heroine telling you that this could damage your CD player and that it's your final warning if you keep going. Found it on YouTube -
  • Most of my Saturn games are Japanese, so I wonder if the games that got translated have the original Japanese ones or redubbed sometimes! Lots more to explore~

    @SnowyAria#10078 oh wow thanks for making an account for those wonderful contributions!

    That Sakura Wars video is neat cause if I‘m understanding that right the Dreamcast games also do that? I didnt know dreamcast gd roms could be read by computer !!

    The possibility space expands!

    I cant seem to find the other games you mentioned(I’m sure you looked too) so if you‘d be willing to capture them I’d love to see it otherwise thank you for starting, and helping this thread !! :^)

    I just saw the Puyo tweet earlier and thought back on all of those warnings saying it could possibly break your disc player or damage the data on the disc but, I was always skeptical about it as a kid.

    I knew the data was read-only, had no idea how it could break a disc player (maybe playing the data disc would suck you into it and turn you into Freakazoid), BUT I was afraid of the data track possibly blowing out my speakers if it was played on accident, so I guess there's that. Maybe it was a fumble in the message where it should have been, "Could potentially harm your sound system." instead of disc player or disc data.

    I know that a couple of the working designs games replicate the warning with the english VAs which is cool… I gotta make this list and add all this stuff! I think I'll start tonight.

    Monster Rancher (ps1) doesn‘t have a warning, but it does have a CD Track 2 that’s not used in the game.

    TCRF has a few of these documented so I might have a look there if I get some time.

    Okay I've done some more investigating and there are some other similar compilations!

    Has the images and animations for most every PC engine game it seems

    Also the recently released pc engine mini lets you view these messages which someone helpfully recorded all of them!

    yeah, there are a few repositories of the visual ones, like this here:

    So far I‘m up through S on the pc engine (among games I own) and I’ve found a couple dozen I guess! I'll also do Saturn and Pc-fx. And maybe Sega cd!

    Here's a couple more from

    [Policenauts (Sega Saturn) ](

    Snatcher (Saturn) & Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (PCECD) have similar messages, but I couldn't immediately find them.

    [Puyo Puyo CD](

    [Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna](

    **Unused in-game Track 2s**
    [Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98 (PlayStation) ]( - This one is werid...

    Oh here‘s my WIP doc btw. I’m keeping it view only for now but @SnowyAria if you want to be able to edit it starting sooner, email me at brandon at necrosoft games dot com

    the document itself is not laid out in an exciting or clever way! I'll leave that to someone who's good at excel

    WOW, you can just drop a google sheet in here!! That I did not expect.

    wow! You've been busy!

    Just found this nice little article from [James Eldred ]( on red book audio warning tracks on game CDs.

    Looks like a few other Sega Saturn games used the old Sega CD warning on them:

    Dreamcast PAL warnings in different languages

    Dreamcast Japan warning

    Dreamcast special warnings for Seaman, Shenmue, & Skies of Arcadia. The Seaman one is real good!

    Dreamcast English warning played on a PS2

    Pop'n Music Dreamcast

    I should give you editing privileges so you can just put these in there, ha ha

    maybe the easiest thing is to just put other consoles on new tabs

    @exodus#10189 sounds good! Yeah, tabs for each would keep it tidy. I'll send you an email. :slight_smile: