Defend the Mario movie casting choices

In this thread, let's each share one (1) idea for why the Mario movie voice casting choices are actually great and make total sense!

I'll start:

[Fred Armisen]( as Cranky Kong could mean the aged ape will do a variety of regional American accents! Who wouldn't want to see that.

Jack Black is probably going to improv lyrics to Mario songs during the press tour and it will be delightful

I don't feel the need to defend Charlie Day as Luigi, that is going to be amazing and I cannot hang with anyone who does not agree

Chris Pratt being Mario may revive the “is mario hot?” question and that's a good thing because that plumber definitely fucks

@“穴”#p43886 i‘m not sure if i’m allowed to make any pipe-related jokes in here, but heh

@“Syzygy”#p43889 反省させていただきます

@“hellomrkearns”#p43905 i have now liked this in two places, and would like it in more if given the opportunity

i guess the defense is that nintendo is a toy company for kids and casting for this film would always have followed those priorities. Maybe a large enough fan campaign can get tim rogers a part as a piranha plant or something. Seems they're saving yoshi for a sequel

I thought it was cool that they're lavishing so much expense on it. Gamers have finally arrived!!

I think the best case scenario for a Mario movie nowadays is a competent Pixar-like that I can watch with my kids so I'm not too bummed about it

charles martinet cameo will probably be a split-second cutaway gag to “those weirdos” wario and waluigi. that, or mario will meet jumpman, like when the simpsons meet their OG versions


Princess Peach’s voice was always nails-on-chalkboard material anyway so Anya Taylor-Joy’s register is def a step up

@“2501”#p43962 Sam Kelly's Peach is actually fine. Also whatever she does with her vocal chords to produce Toad is great.

re: this thread's name: No <3

Okay fine you convinced me, I'll try.








It made me imagine for a second the scenario of Charles Martinet, who by all my estimations is a sweet and pleasant guy, damning Chris Pratt with faint praise

That interaction will be worthwhile

I‘m also giving you all the gift of rubbing it in my face if it turns out that Chris Pratt is going to do a killer Mario, so, you’re welcome

@“Gaagaagiins”#p43975 dude his mario is going to fucking kill. are you kidding me. that guy rocks

@“tapevulture”#p43977 Whenever I try and imagine it, I just can't

@“rootfifthoctave”#p43931 i love this idea actually

Chris Pratt being in it means I will save $20 I might have otherwise spent on seeing it and that will probably be better spent elsewhere?