Defend the Mario movie casting choices

i hate chris pratt, but honestly, if this movie was live action thses are good casting choices.

i have no feeling whatsoever about chris pratt. i think some of these actors are likely to be good picks, and that others are likely not to be, but, as this is an animated film, it will be carried by the animation.

given who's making it and what they've made before, i'm expecting a movie that will be fun to take the kids to. maybe nintendo could've pulled off a toy story 3, where the movie hits at least as hard for the parents as it does for the kids, but that's not what they're going for.

i think charlie day, keegan michael-key, and seth rogan will do good in their roles, and that jack black would be perfect as bowser for a live musical production, and might be really good or really tiresome in this.

I think mostly what I can‘t seem to get over is that the casting choices at least to me imply that the characterization of the Mario characters is going to be… off-brand? Like, obviously how the Mario pantheon acts in the videogames is not going to translate well to film narrative, so obviously they were going to do something different. What makes me feel destabilized just looking at this list is feeling like I’ve got no idea what they‘re going to do. As far as I know most of the cast aren’t primarily voice actors, at the very least from what I‘ve heard of Chris Pratt voice acting it’s just him acting. Like, was Jack Black a good voice actor because he worked at making a voice and a charcter in * Slavoj Zizek voice * Kung Fu Panda, or did they just write that character to sorta have a personality that fits with Jack Black‘s acting personality? It’s always made me sad that I guess it really does work to market an animated film by casting bankable Hollywood stars with a few token voice actors if any. I wouldn't even mind if it was the other way around, if animated films had casts mostly comprised of voice actors with a few token film actors with a character written for them. What are even Commercially Large animated films, if there are any, where most of the top billed roles are actually performed by voice actors? Does The Simpsons Movie count?

The idea of there being a film where these characters are cast in a different and interesting light because the new medium kind of demands they just speak a lot more than they ever have before is kind of interesting... I mean, it's going to have steep competition from when, say, _Super Mario RPG_ or _Paper Mario_ or _Mario & Luigi_ did that. Nintendo obviously learned their lesson with the MJ Mario Bros. movie, which is a shame, and the internet sidelash to the Sonic movie, which is a quality I feel unable to judge, so I am guessing that they will likely do something inoffensively charming.

I am _interested_ to see what the play is here, maybe most of all because it feels so... un-Nintendo like. Well, it's not un-Nintendo-like in the way it is going to make a shitload of money, it's un-Nintendo-like in the way of how miserly they usually are with giving out creative licence over their intellectual properties to non-Nintendo entities.

It just occurred to me that Mario is going to make quips. Aaaaghhh

This is going to be _so much weirder_ than if they just made a live-action + CG movie. On-model Mario characters with human voices is so freaky to contemplate! It is so icky and weird that my brain does not allow me to imagine it, instead filling in the space with Keegan-Michael Key and Charlie Day in cheap Halloween costumes of their respective characters, which tbh soothes me greatly.


“so, that a-happened.”

@“hellomrkearns”#p44255 aaaaaaghhh

@“Gaagaagiins”#p44063 It‘s a shame it’s not the 1940s and Mario and friends are relegated to comic relief while the dopey guy and gal leads sing love songs at each other.

Chris Pratt is always indefensible.

I'm all in for Jack Black Bowser, though. I hope he gets a song.

I still don't understand why Charlie Day isn't Toad, though.

Possible leak of what Mario is going to look like (from the front, not like the poster going around already)


[img width=250][/img]

>!Ladies and gentlemen… we have entered the outskirts of the Uncanny Valley!<

[img width=250][/img]

that face legit makes me very uncomfortable. I‘m becoming afraid of what we’ll see this thursday.

This is the only Mario I want to see

[upl-image-preview url=]

I'd drink a beer with movie Mario


I have automatic Twitter embeds disabled and can't see the post without clicking through, I thought it was going to be a joke/[this abomination](

@“Gaagaagiins”#p87385 I actually see some Bob Hoskins in there

Also can someone please help me find the Gay Sex Mario post someone made in one of these threads?

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