Defend the Mario movie casting choices

Prediction: Martinet‘s cameo is going to be some sort of thing where Chris Pratt’s Mario is going to get bonked on the head or hit with a neurotoxin dart or eat a fuzzy, then Martinet will babble something about ravioli along with cartoon chick cheeps or slide whistle sounds, then he'll do the cartoon dog shaking mouth wobble sound, and then Chris Pratt Mario will go Chris Pratt Mario Voice: huh?

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Alternate prediction: post credits sequel reveal with Wario

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Looks like it's going to be straightforwardly competent, which is really the most boring possible outcome.

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I must admit, the fact that Mario sounds exactly like Chris Pratt does make him sound like nothing I've ever heard before

@“Moon”#p87592 To be fair French dub everything is typically excellent! This is coming in France (March 29) ahead of the US (April 7) and Japan (April 28) too, for some reason.

@“chazumaru”#p87597 “for some reason” it‘s coming to france early - admit it, it’s you!! I see your hand all over this!!! Chaz, king of the french!!!


@“exodus”#p87611 Aïe, being King of France has historically been a cutthroat job position… Most of the animation for the movie is done in Paris (at MacGuff) by the way. Although I guess, in this specific case, it was mostly done remotely from everyone’s home.

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