Design 99 more 99 games

Friend of the Show Ash Parrish broke the news (at least to me (via The Verge's Mastoton bot (Don't use Twitter)) that F-Zero 99 is out later today. My affection for Mario 99 is a matter of public record on this forum. I know that others (who are actually good at Tetris) enjoy Tetris 99.

We are going to design 99 more _99_ games. Pitch me why your _99_ game is a great idea. These do not have to be Nintendo properties, but here are some ideas to get the **ball** (this is foreshadowing) rolling.

# 1 _Samus' Bomb-n-Roll 99_

Do you think the morph ball puzzles are the best part of a Metroid game? Do you also like the _Mr. Driller_ series? Collect power ups, find secrets, and defeat zoomers (both the Metroid monster and the Generation) as you bomb deeper and deeper into various planetary environments. Detonate a power bomb to clear your path while using the ice beam to slow down your competition.

# 2

**Marble Madness 99**

So, you thought original _Marble Madness_ was tough? Now share the infuriating courses you've come to love with 98 other players! Roll, navigate, and bounce your way to the top (or bottom) of these 99 courses for bragging rights _and_ a chance to win a personalized and embroidered bag and set of marbles direct from Hasbro (absorbers of Milton Bradley)!

### 3. 999 99: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, Nine Nine

Nine nine, nine nine nine, nine nine nine nine. Nine nine nine nine, nine nine nine nine nine? "Nine nine nine", nine nine, "nine nine nine nine." Nine nine nine (nine nine): nine, nine, nine, nine. Nine nine (nine nine nine (nine nine) nine) nine.

Nine nine nine, nine nine nine nine nine nine! Nine nine "nine nine" nine nine nine, nine nine. Nine nine nine nine nine; nine nine nine nine.

Nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine!

(In full disclosure I edited the index numbers of the posts because I had to approve Hawky's before it was made visible. Hope that @“TracyDMcGrath”#p133071 TracyDMcGrath and @“Hawky”#p133069 are OK with that.)

[size=230] 4 Picross 3D 99 [/size] (aka picross 297D)

Take the chill concept of Picross 3D and turn it into a chaotic battle against 99 people, where all of you are competing to finish the puzzle first. There would be garbage throwing mechanics that I haven't figured out yet
There are also some problems regarding the fact that if you see your opponents board you can just start copying them, but that's a problem for a smart game designer to solve.

# 5. WarioWare 99

Wario is back at it again! Play shuffled collection of 99 min-games vs. 98 others that get harder and faster the better you do. Three strikes and you're out! Can you out-last and out-compete the competition in this fast paced weird-em-up? Boss levels let you put additional pressure on other players based on your speed.

# 6. _Super Puzzle Fighter 99_

It's _Tetris 99_ but _Super Puzzle Fighter 99_. No additional notes. In-game DLC lets your buy cosmetic costumes (not pay to win) and crash gem patterns (super pay to win and it ultimately ends up driving away the player base).

### 7. Katamari 99

Katamari battle royale. Race for material, roll up your cousins, and compete for the King of All Cosmos' favor.

  • 8. G Darius 99
  • 99 ships enter but WHO WILL SURVIVE? A gauntlet of giant robot fish await you.

    Groups of players start on different branches and switch to different branches (do all Darius games use branches? I've only played G Darius), eventually converging on the last stage.

  • 9. Snake 99
  • I guess it would be like the Tron light-cycle game, but with way more people. 99 dots trying not to run into each other and collect the food dots. As more are eliminated, everyone's snakes are getting longer.

    ### 10 - VIDEOBALL 99

    # 11 - NHL 99 99

    play hockey for a low, low price

    # 12 - 99 Nights 99

    ### 13. NINTENDOGS 99

    You and 98 others compete for the affection of a single dog. Who does Sausage love most?

    14 - Death Stranding 99

    Race over the slick paths and steep climbs of the post-apocalyptic US to see who can complete the delivery first... and get all the likes

    ### 15 - Woodstock 99 99

    A survival horror game where you attempt to outlive the other attendees of the notorious Woodstock 99 music festival

    [size=30]16 -FIFA 99


    ### 17 - Notes App Apology 99

    Attempt to keep your career afloat as you and 99 other celebs/influencers face backlash. Navigate through terminally online discourse and direct blame onto others to stay alive

    Off topic: I have played a few races of F-Zero 99 and it's great fun. The mass start that funnels everyone down to the track is an incredible design solution.

    @"Hunter"#p133122 An amazing idea! Can you make it out alive to say you saw NIN?

    @"billy"#p133119 Alternative title is "Henry Huggins 99" where you get to replay the end of the famous Beverly Cleary novel "Henry Huggins" and everyone tries to call Ribsey over.

    @"wickedcestus"#p133114 and @"rootfifthoctave"#p133109 : How many pucks/balls? (99)

    [size=39]18 - Burnout 99[/size]

    Pretty self explanatory. Honestly it's disgraceful that this will not be the first "99" racer to market.

    EA has never done anything wrong before, but this is strike one for you guys!


    @“TracyDMcGrath”#p133071 3. 999 99: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, Nine Nine

    That's already a Battle Royale-inspired death game, so… I think that's… *PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds*!?