environmental storytelling (irl)

post any silent hill/portal-esque wall-scrawlings and related environmental storytelling you encounter in your daily life

I came across this a few weeks ago:
the top says "cat owners use the back door", and the bottom says "please do not pee".

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Over a decade ago, I found some plastic mugs (not Solo cups or anything; they were intended to be reused) hanging in a tree after a blizzard. Does that count for anything?

going to keep an eye out for any audio logs laying around

lol I know this isn't just the graffiti thread, but I was looking through my old photos and found this from 2009:


Livin in da big apple there‘s too many to count, but this was one I’d always see on my way to the grocery store (the blocks and the store are both gone now, so round-about truth right there)


‘Garden of Hope’

(this was also one of the last few pictures I took right before the first covid lockdowns in 2020)

Seen in the Bronx

This is the materia trash can

I found this name tag on the ground around gdc. Very funny for a game journalist especially.

Ah here's a good one. Can you guess what happened here?

@“exodus”#p115908 if you stand on it and use Spirit Ashes you can summon a video game journalist

@“exodus”#p115909 someone got punched REALLY hard


(the answer is it was lunar new year)


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@“TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee”#p117146 yessssssssssssssssssssss

@"BluntForceMama"#p115991 "the owners are a couple that look a lot like each other" is chef's kiss