Ep. 136 - PS2CULAR

Ep. 136 - PS2CULAR

If it's gotta be one, it's gotta be 2. Ranking games from the PS2. Music 'Magical Sound Shower EuroMix' From OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast and 'Ghost Approaching (Stage 4)' from Bujingai.

**Official PS2 Games List:**

  • 1. Raw Danger
  • 2. R-Type Final
  • 3. Katamari Damacy
  • 4. Bujingai
  • 5. Steambot Chronicles
  • 6. SMT Nocturne
  • 7. Silent Hill 2
  • 8. Chulip
  • 9. God Hand
  • 10. Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex
  • 11. Breath of Fire V
  • 12. Psi Ops
  • 13. Burnout 3: Takedown
  • 14. Drag-On Dragoon 2
  • 15. Neo Contra
  • 16. Ico
  • 17. Metal Gear Solid 2
  • 18. Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
  • 19. Michigan
  • 20. Ape Escape 3
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: PS2 games that did not make the list

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    I never had a PS2, just a gamecube and a PC. Really interesting stuff for me to go and look at.

    Is everyone ready to get mad about PS2 games!?

    i'm pretty sure, though not entirely (due to being a dedicated gamecube haver in the day), most of the mentioned games did not come out here in UK. as far as i knew at the time, the ps2 was the place for final fantasy, MGS, devil may cry, GTA and fps stuff like the early CODs/BLACK.

    in our house, the ps2 was mainly used for eyetoy, singstar and gitaroo man.

    they mentioned the God Hand camera stuff with the right analog stick, the same is with Armored Core 3! you can‘t move the camera with the right analog stick, it doesn’t do anything! you can click in the right stick to activate a special attack but that's it!

    I‘ve never even heard of Bumpy Trot (don’t want to spoil anyone who's not listened yet so using the Japanese name) before, but after watching YouTubes on it I really want to give it a go in an emulator now.

    hmm, @rootfifthoctave I‘m pretty sure most of those games came out over there! I don’t want to spoil it by listing them, but a fair number of them did off the top of my head!

    Bumpy Trot is definitely interesting to check out despite my wanting to put it further down the list.

    there were a lot of great ps2 games that always seemed hard to get ahold of over here, even if they got PAL releases, or maybe i just never had any money! i am waiting for the list to go up so i can update my backloggd page with stuff i need to check out.

    When Disaster Report came up I was right there with Frank and Tim being like, “BUT RAW DANGER!!”

    Also as a huge Outrun 2006 fan: The OGXbox version is mile ahead as the best version. Even having more content, though I think lower resolution than the HD Arcade version. The big plus is having the options for custom soundtracks. Making it one of the very few OGXbox games that is rare and expensive these days. But yeah, even on PS2, heck even on PSP its a great game. I am glad it and Burnout 3 made the list.

    Is Gradius V a good ps2 game?

    You know, I‘ve had it on my wall for ages and haven’t actually played it. Will do so tomorrow and get back to you with my Official Verdict.

    great list! I guessed a few that would be on there but others were a bit unexpected. :slight_smile:

    Trying to find some of them for sale locally. Only got one so far and it was just a honourable mention. Curious to know what other games the hosts had on their personal lists that didn't make the cut!

    12 mins in and we're talking about Malice Mizer and Gackt…bonus Cool points for Brandon

    @exodus - there's a great live event with Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, and ZIZ (25th Anniversary) out there on the YouTubes...

    This ep made me subscribe to the Patreon. Now I gotta hunt down a copy of Raw Danger!, Bumpy Trot and BoF: Dragon Quarter.

    I should watch that visual kei reunion video! heh. I wish Kozi‘s solo work were easier to get hold of, it’s real good stuff.

    as for whether we'll post our individual lists, someone asked on the patreon - so we're gonna try to do it there! As little patreon bonus 🕶️

    after listening to this episode, i walked across the street to 1 of the 2 retro game stores within two blocks of me and found a copy of Raw Danger for $20, very excited to play it! also, the NA version's box art is very cheesy but it also kinda rules

    Nice! I really need to play it properly… I don‘t know why I haven’t yet. I am sure everyone‘s right that it’s the best of the PS2 ones!

    I notice nobody's going out to buy bujingai ;_; It's hard to find good video and nobody's doing the wall running but here's something anyway


    I‘ve been seriously considering grabbing both Bunjingai and Ape Escape 3. I’ve already got Chulip, Raw Danger, Godhand and much of the other stuff that came up in the list. I actually grabbed Raw Danger a few weeks ago after you guys mentioned in one of the recent podcasts, because I was worried you talking about it might cause it to become scarcer. Still wild that there are no copies of Steambot Chronicles on ebay right now. : (

    My local game store had a copy with severe water damage to the cover and manual for a while, but it was still extremely expensive. I regret not grabbing it : (

    I feel like at that rate you ought to just emulate the thing and try to enjoy it somehow or other! So much of this stuff is just prohibitively expensive now. I wanted to get Sky Gunner again because I didn‘t like it when it came out and wanted to try it again. but it’s too far up there to purchase on a whim, these days.


    @scoregem#1935 Is Gradius V a good ps2 game?

    No, but it is a pretty one.