Ep. 136 - PS2CULAR

I‘m glad Cy Girls came up and that it wasn’t part of the list! That game is real neat and real bad.

The Capcom-published Japanese version of Psi-Ops censored the exploding heads when you do the brain drain move, and frankly I thought that defeated the purpose of the brain drain move.

Would really really love to hear you guys take on the Genesis and Saturn.

@Lacquerware#1960 Episode 47 is the Best Genesis Games of All Time episode : )

@exodus#1957 hell yeah. PS2 emulation is amazing. Might start a screenshot thread….

@crumble#1961 it's a good one! https://archive.org/details/insertcredit

I‘d totally do a Saturn one, but I’ve played so much of that library that I think maybe nobody else would second the things on my list!

It's true. Raw Danger is the best PS2 game.

@crumble#1961 Oh lovely! Will listen, thanks.

I think Gradius 5 just barely edges out R-Type Final for best PS2 shooter in my book. It's definitely worth a looksee.

As far as other console lists goes, what about the PCE or Neo Geo?

I'll copy and paste the email I sent Jaffe for my picks


  • - Chulip

  • >
  • - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

  • >
  • - Raw Danger

  • >
  • - Silent Hill 2

  • >
  • - Ape Escape 3

  • >
  • - God Hand

  • >
  • - Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

  • >
  • - Katamari Damacy

  • >
  • - Drakengard 2

  • >
  • - Metal Gear Solid 2

  • >
  • - Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance

  • >
  • - Yakuza 2

  • >
  • - Spartan Total Warrior

  • >
  • - Black

  • >
  • - Spider-Man 2

  • >
  • - Burnout 3: Takedown

  • >

    I‘ll probably smack myself later for forgetting something, so I’ll use the reminder of my slots just to say NOT Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit in case anyone is suggesting that for real.

    I wrote my games in the order I thought of them so it was pretty funny when Chulip ended up being the only game picked by all three panelists, that is the first game I think of as an "Insert Credit PS2 Game", and I kinda panicked thinking of other games when I said Burnout 3 so I really hope that one extra vote helped squeeze it onto the list.

    Shoutouts to Frank for coming up with the lightning round because when the list started with the Bs I was distraught that Ape Escape 3 wasn't going to make the cut when that's easily a top 3 pick for me. Surprised Spartan Total Warrior didn't come up!

    Been looking over my PS2 games with the thought of getting rid of them. The ones I'll miss are:

  • - Tetsujin 28-Go - Still my fave Sandlot game I think, so I'll put it in here as a stand-in for all of them. Can always play EDF elsewhere now.
  • - _Raw Danger!_
  • - _OutRun2006_ - I don't play racing games much, and this is by-far my fave. I like that I can chuck my own music in the Windows version though, so don't play this version anymore.
  • - _Flipnic_ - Videogamey pinball, which is a concept I wish there was more of.
  • - _Skygunner_
  • - _Sky Odyssey_
  • - _Galaxy Force II_ - I guess it'll show up on the Switch maybe.
  • - All those Taito compilations
  • - _Virtua Fighter 4 Evo_
  • Games I'd like to play more before I get rid of them:

  • - _Garouden Breakblow_ - Big boys.
  • - Those _Maximo_ games.
  • - _Shinobi_
  • - _Romancing SaGa_
  • - _Ace Combat: The Belkan War_
  • - _King's Field IV_
  • - _The Warriors_
  • - _Way of the Samurai_
  • Ones I need to bloody emulate already:

  • - _Chulip_
  • well I might buy tetsujin 28-go and skygunner off you if you're getting rid of them!

    God bless you Insert Credit for putting together a list of new games for me to download and burn onto blank DVDs to play on my modded PS2. In exchange I shall contribute my list to the eventual Best DS Games episode when it comes.

    @exodus#1994 Haha. I'll keep that in mind.

    The whole time I was listening to this, I was waiting to hear Mr. Mosquito, SkyGunner and R.A.D. Robot Alchemic Drive. If there were some PS2 games to ever be PS2 as heck, those three really take the cake. Not really essential (I kinda think they are), but definitely some When-I-Think-Of-PS2-I-Think-Of-These games. Really wish any of them would end up on something else, especially R.A.D. It could work with almost anything that has a number of buttons equivalent to a PS2.

    Shinobi, too. That game would have me absolutely furious, but I loved it, the color scheme even made me think of the system hardware itself. It felt like a perfect harmony between Sega and Sony.

    We do want to do a “weirdest” PS2 games for lack of a better word (we‘ll get a better word) because I was also troubled to not be able to et mr. mosquito onto the list. It’ll be a fun episode I think!

    @Allis best DS games episode! that'll be fun too. Dang, I want to do best games for all pre 2010 consoles. maybe we'd skip ps3 though, what's really on there anyway!!!!!!!!!

    @exodus#2012 I was thinking about this. The hard thing is just saying ‘weird’ probably isn‘t good enough of a qualifier, especially if you’re wanting to get public submissions. I mean, most of the Top 10 list you just did is pretty weird compared to what other PS2 Top 10 lists would be. Underrated? (games with less than some number on Metacritic?)

    what we decided on was any game that sold over a million is out, as is any game that was on our existing list. weirdly we all know exactly what kind of game we‘re talking about here (mister mosquito, zombie vs ambulance, etc) but to actually describe it is difficult. maybe “ambitious yet low budget” or “big idea games” or something else… I’ll think about it some more!

    @exodus#2012 maybe in place of a best of ps3 you could do a ‘best of the seventh console generation’ list with 360, ps3, and wii. That generation really killed my interest in games for a while, and I would be curious to hear you guys discuss what's still worth checking out.

    The Wii is like a weird conflux of having just as much room for weirdness and experimentation as the PS2 but then all of that being demolished by waggle. Looks at Deadly Creatures and Mad World and Excitebots etc. In 2020 the main reason to go back to the Wii is for its plethora of light gun games as those actually lean into the underpowered weird controller nature of the system. Yeah, what a weird time in gaming you really might have to do a 7th gen in total podcast.

    So relieved that Ape Escape 3 made it at the last minute.

    Was there ever a definitive answer as to why its release for PS4 was cancelled?