Ep. 142 - Football Numbers

We all know what gibs are. Music Opening and closing theme created by Kurt Feldman.

**Questions this week:**

  • 1. Bryan Cranston Presents the Ford Bronco (02:42)
  • 2. A $1200 Pac-Man Collector's Edition (08:57)
  • 3. The Most Audacious Idea Thefts in Video Game History (15:19)
  • 4. Paper Mario EXP (22:19)
  • 5. Cashing in on the Cake Meme (28:22)
  • 6. 2007 IGN Campaign - Question by Patreon Supporter John (34:55)
  • 7. Does Deadly Premonition 2 live up to the original? (41:16)
  • 8. Twitter Account Ideas (47:20)
  • 9. Elemental Game Quadrants (53:40)
  • 10. The Horniest Video Game Without Sexual Imagery (58:53)
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: Recc'ing Crew - Disney Princesses (1:03:55)

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    weird discussion of the Ford Bronco, a car I‘m not into despite being very into cars and videogames. Ford did knock it out of the park with the new design, compared to GM, who slapped the “Blazer” brand on a regular crossover SUV and called it a day. I think the Bronco is going to go well with gen-x-ers who still, somehow, have the money for a new car. Although if I had Bronco Money I’d be getting a VW Westfalia or Dodge Sprinter to do vanlife shit in.

    Contra 4‘s fine! I didn’t even have an issue with Tim‘s assessment of it back when it was new (which I haven’t revisited but IIRC was to the effect of “it's Contra by numbers and therefore unworthy of being a Contra game”) but how that snowballed into it being trash, or how it even warrants mention after 10+ years of mostly awful of misguided revival games, is beyond me.

    I know that some of the people behind C4 saw Tim's review and it informed their approach on Double Dragon Neon, take from that what you will.

    I mean I like how the new bronco looks, and like I said, it feels like they looked at a bunch of old hondas and thought “we could make one of those” - but I stand my by earlier statement that when I think of ford I think of american flags and racism, so…. there's that!

    “Gibs” = soft “g”, as in “giblets”, as in meat… right?

    @exodus#3287 I really hope we can get one of these Hondas in the US

    @exodus thanks for not letting the buzzer stop you from recommending my instagrams to frank! I should probably brand them a little less obtusely, @devilsblush is pc engine, @devilsblush3dblast is mega drive and @devilsblushkingofcrusher is for the playstation.

    yeah @devilsblush, I kinda feel like you could‘ve just done them all on one account personally! I get why you did three for a certain kind of user-friendliness, but I would’ve been fine if you did all three in one spot, myself.

    And yeah @marlfuchs2 I'm still hoping for that one toooooooo, but with slightly higher total mileage, I think this thing goes like 150 miles before recharge? I can't even get to LA once on that.

    It was brought to my attention by @shane that in Ireland (and I guess across europe) they had this Ford Fiesta, which this basically looks like a callback to:


    @2501 I hate to say this but I've heard plenty of people say "jiblets" https://youtu.be/fbhG1JdxRg0?t=15

    @exodus#3305 Right, with a soft “g”!

    Oh, that's the soft one!? Sounds hard to me! Well that Emeril chef does it with the other g. English is too confusing.

    gonna share some of my favorite curated Twitter accounts/bots

    nonstandard mcdonald - https://twitter.com/nonstandardmcd

    Game Warning Screens - https://twitter.com/gamewarnings

    cursed computers - https://twitter.com/cursedPC

    Can You Violate The Geneva Conventions? https://twitter.com/ViolateGeneva

    rick rude getting atomic drops https://twitter.com/RickRudeSells

    rock and roll photos - https://twitter.com/rockanrollphoto

    Fullscreen Dream -https://twitter.com/FullscreenDream

    Game Boy Ain't Right - https://twitter.com/gb_aint_right

    Bootleg Consoles - https://twitter.com/BootlegConsoles

    Neo Geo Pocket Horoscope - https://twitter.com/PocketHoroscope

    Japan Film Titles - https://twitter.com/JapanFilmTitles

    Movie Promotional Merch Unlimited - https://twitter.com/NightPromoting

    VG Guest Characters - https://twitter.com/GuestCharacters

    Y2K Aesthetic Institute - https://twitter.com/y2k_aesthetic

    No Context Achewood - https://twitter.com/AchewoodNC

    King of the Hill Screens - https://twitter.com/kothscreens

    GIFS GALORE - https://twitter.com/gifs_bot

    Corel Gallery 1994 - https://twitter.com/Clipart1994bot

    thegreaty78project - https://twitter.com/great78project

    On the topic of anthropomorphised and non-anthropomorphised animals co-existing in the same work of fiction, Jonathan Lethem's ‘Gun with Occasional Music’ explores it in interesting and satisfying ways.


    If you like old-fashioned detective stories with talking animals, retro sci-fi themes and alcoholic babies with adult brains, I highly recommend it. It's one of my favourites.

    Recommending @darksoulstoilet as my fave gimmick Twitter account. You‘d think there wouldn’t be that many examples but somehow there's a coincidence of the sheer number of photos of weird toilets and the aesthetic touchstones of dark souls.

    This podcast made me realize I say gib with a soft g but instagib with a hard g (or I would if I ever said either aloud, which I don't believe I have). Now I have to decide whether I pick a side or stick with that inconsistency the way I say peCANs but PEcan pie.

    @exodus#3305 after a year of just pc engine stuff I couldn’t bring myself to introduce a different system to the feed, so I went with separate accounts for the sake of visual consistency. I’ve started using my twitter a little bit though and that will be a mix of all systems. twitter’s pretty clunky for this kind of thing though, the cropping sucks!

    having raised a child, who has just only recently shifted her interests from disney movies to shoujo/shonen manga, I can say with confidence that every disney princess would have LOVED vanilla world of warcraft

    Sorry, this was probably answered somewhere else, but:

    How come new episodes are only being posted to the forums and not on insertcredit(dot)com? Will new episodes no longer be posted there?

    Oh, it‘s because we’re trying to get the new site together - we should probably put them on the old site too though, I'll look into it!

    @captain#3359 It‘s not there because I have to manually update the main site, and forget to do it! we pulled down the wordpress because it kept getting exploited, so it’s just static html now. I have to remind myself to do it among the several other tasks I have! https://insertcredit.com/show/rss will always be up to date!

    we have a plan to bring back the main site, and are in the process of doing it but it's just a combination of me having to find the time, and us needing some money to pay for the various work that needs to be done.

    I just updated it now! :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle: